My Current Favourite Bradford City Players

Normally writing this post would be easy for me as I usually get instant favourites when it comes to Bradford City however, this year it is really difficult as the players haven't consistently been performing anywhere near how they should be in League 2 and honestly it has been painful watching games on iFollow most weekends as you just know what is going to happen before kick off. Since they let go of McCall things have improved but with us yet to play in 2021 it does make you wonder if the lack of game time is going to revert players back to the start of the season performances. There are a few players that do seem to be making more of an effort and doing well with what they have around them and to be honest they are my current favourites as they are showing they want to play and get the results for the fans. It is funny as two of these players would never normally have made it on to the list however, they are really beginning to prove themselves. So here are those few current favourites...

Connor Wood 

To me Connor has been a stand out player for a while now. He works so hard on that left wing it is just a shame that others aren't on the end of the brilliant crosses he puts into the box. You always see him on the break then trying his hardest to get back into that defensive line to help out the rest of his defense as no one else seems to track back as much. He has provided plenty of chances but the rest of the team just don't seem to be able to keep up or get in the right positions to actually finish the chances. 

Anthony O'Connor

 Surprisingly Anthony O'Connor has made it onto the list as I feel he has really improved as a player and is really showing just how much he wants to be in the starting 11 week in week out.  There have been a few times when O'Connor has been playing out of his position this season but I really do believe that he has stepped up and helped up in conceding less goals than we already have. A few seasons ago his name would be nowhere near this but now I think he is really starting to show improvement. 

Billy Clarke

3rd time lucky for Billy I guess, honestly I have never really been his biggest fan but this season I find that he is doing better than previously and is really trying his best to turn things around get the results we should be getting. Billy is another player who hasn't really been in his preferred position for most of this season but he is doing well with what he has been given. Let's hope any new manager we get can help him achieve his full potential and help him get on the score sheet more often & help City out of the trouble they are in. 

Lets hope that when the team continue playing as they should be and actually start looking like they are going to continue to win games instead of the same story week after week that City fans have become used to. Who knows then some players may end up redeeming themselves and making it onto this list. 

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