The players to keep an eye on over the Euros

 The Euros are now underway and us fans are definitely in for a treat with the quality of players we are going to be seeing each month. The quality has really improved since the last Euros and each group looks too close to call on who is going to progress due to each team having standout players who can really make an impact in the game. Today's post is a look at the players we will be keeping a close eye on throughout the tournament as we think they are going to play a bit part in how their team does in the competition. So here are those players we will be keeping an eye on... 


Mary Earps

Since joining Manchester United I think a lot of people will agree Mary Earps has really improved in her position as goalkeeper and that improvement looks to have sealed her the number 1 spot for England. Right now Earps is one of my favourite players to watch and I think with some of the saves we have seen her pull off recently we could see her being a crucial part of the England Squad. 

Rachel Daly

I couldn't settle on just one member of the England team, in fact I could have picked 4 or 5 players who we should all be keeping an eye on but of course I had to add Daly in as a little extra one to watch. Those who don't follow the NWSL won't know much about Daly but her attacking and defensive ability will play a big part for England throughout the tournament and I am really going to enjoy watching her get the international game time she deserves. 


Manuela Zinsberger

The Arsenal goalkeeper is one who can really keep Austria fighting for progression. There will no doubt be plenty of shots fired at her during the games in the group stages but she is up there are one of the best European women's goalkeepers in my eyes and I think she will help keep Austria in with a chance during the groups. 

Northern Ireland

Rachel Furness

 Furness is a player who has been around for a while now and who gets overlooked far too often. At 34 year old she is a player to keep an eye on, after being told at a young age she wouldn't be able to play professionally but just look at her now playing in the Euros for her country. We have seen from her time at Liverpool that she can be a real attacking threat and I am hoping that we get to see her full potential this tournament. 


Gruro Reiten

Reiten is a player that is often overlooked at both club and international level and honestly I think it is her style of play that has led to this. You never realise just how many plays she is a part of but she really is a crucial piece of the team no matter who she is playing for. Reiten is certainly a play maker on the pitch and she can get her team in some great positions along with scoring herself at times. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how Reiten impacts that Norway side.


Pernille Harder

Harder has been a name people have been watching for a while now and honestly I get more and more impressed every time I watch her. Before joining Chelsea Harder was already a fantastic player but I really think she has excelled with her time under Emma Hayes so far. Denmark are in a tough group but I think if Harder plays anywhere near as well as she has for Chelsea the past few seasons that she will keep Denmark in with a chance of progressing.


I will be honest with this one I really don't know much about any of the Finland players so instead of doing a one to watch, I will just be watching the full time and I am really hoping they surprise me. They are definitely in a tough group but who knows maybe they might pull of a shock or two. 


Sara Dabritz

Lyon player Dabritz is the German player I will definitely be keeping a close eye on and the opposition defenders really need to do the same. Again Dabritz is a player I really enjoy watching play and we have seen in previous competitions she is capable of getting goals for Germany and a fair few of them are poachers goals, being in the right place at the right time for any rebounds. I wonder how many goals she is going to end up with this time around? It is going to be a tough group for Germany but Dabritz could play a big part in if they progress or not. 


Ona Batlle

I managed to watch a fair few Man Utd Women games last season and one player that always seemed to jump out at me was Ona Batlle, yet there doesn't seem to be many others talking about the quality she brings to the team especially outside of that Man Utd fan base. The full back is no doubt going to play a big part for Spain in this tournament and I hope that her performances help her become a more talked about name as she definitely holds the qualities of a fantastic player.


Jackie Groenen

Another Man Utd player that I think is under rated is Jackie Groenen, she really doesn't get the recognition she deserves and I am actually really looking forward to seeing her play for the Netherlands in this tournament and just like with Batlle I really hope it gets her the recognition she deserves. When we saw her play against England in the warm up game she played really well and I really think she is going to be a key player for the Netherlands for as long as they are in the tournament. 


Just like with Finland, I don't know too much about any of the Portugese players we are going to be seeing in the competition however, I am really looking forward to seeing how they are going to do as they are the team that are Russia's replacement so they have had less time to prepare than others plus they are in a very tough group.


Magdalena Eriksson

It is no secret that I think Sweden could end up doing really well in this tournament and I think they have a lot of very impressive players in their squad however, the one I will be keeping my eye on is Magdalena Eriksson. She has really shown us what a solid defender she is at Chelsea and how she can get the team motivated and firing on all cylinders so I think her leadership qualities are really going to help Sweden progress through a tough group and further into the competition. 


Lia Walti

Arsenal's Lia Walti is a player I am definitely going to be keeping a close eye on during the Switzerland games. She might not be a goal scorer but she is certainly a play maker and I think her midfield capabilities are going to help Switzerland get into some dangerous positions. They are up against tough competition in this group but I am looking forward to seeing how Walti's performances help her nation.


Tessa Wullaert

There are a few players I have missed watching since they have left Man City and one of those players I have definitely missed is Tessa Wullaert. We all know she can score goals and we have seen how she can move the ball around the pitch to help team mates get into some great positions. I think Wullaert will play a big part in how her country does in this tournament and I am looking forward to seeing how she performs. 


Kenza Dali 

The 30 year old French midfielder is a player I have enjoyed watching over the past few seasons. Again she might not be a goalscorer but she is able to put in some great challenges and works the ball around well to create her team some opportunities. Everton didn't have the best season last season so I think she will be wanting to show us all what she is capable of this season. Plus with some big names missing due to things going on behind the scenes I think it is a great time for her to be able to show everyone just what she is capable of.


I don't know why but over the years I haven't really followed any of the Italian players progress and I haven't followed their leagues but no doubt that will change after this tournament. I am going to be keeping a close eye on the whole Italian team as I have heard good things about them and I am just looking forward to watching them play and hopefully being surprised by them.


Dagný Brynjarsdóttir

Whilst watching the WSL over the years I have been able to pick a few players out who have stood out to me due to their performances and one of the players who has stood out to me for West Ham has been Brynjarsdottir, I loved watching her for the Portland Thorns when she played over in the States and I enjoy watching her at West Ham now she is there. We know she is capable of grabbing some goals for herself but she can also play a big part in creating them for her team mates. I am definitely looking forward to seeing if she has an impact on Iceland's performances in this competition. 

I think this might be the first tournament where it was so hard to narrow down the ones to watch just down to how the players have improved in the past few years. The standard in the women's game is just getting higher and higher and looking at some names missing due to injury or behind the scenes issues it is quite scary to think what some of these squads could have been like and who would have had to be cut.

This tournament is definitely going to be one of new names breaking through and making players household names and these are our ones to watch but who are your ones to watch?

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