Our thoughts on the England Euro squad

One thing that has been nice since Wiegmans appointment as England manager is that we are finally seeing different players breaking into the squad. For so many years we were just seeing the same players called up no matter what their club performances had been like but now we are seeing choices based on how the players play throughout the season which is just how it should be. This Euro squad announcement has gone to show that this is now the case as we are seeing a nice mix of experience and youth for a change and we know that players are really going to get a chance to prove themselves and make a name for themselves either from being in the starting 11 or even coming on as a substitute. The squad is definitely one with a lot of potential and really does highlight the standard of the English talent at the moment and it is really one that other countries should be looking at and worrying about as this squad has a lot of potential. So here is a look at the squad for the Euros and what we think to each player...

Mary Earps - Earps really stood out to me in the 2021/22 season and I think see has really improved over the past few years. It would be nice to see Earps as the first choice 'keeper as she can certainly bring a lot to the team and if she plays anything she did last season England are in safe hands. 

Lucy Bronze - After all these years I still love watching Lucy Bronze play. She can bring a lot to the team on that right hand side and her surging runs can get England into some dangerous positions and we have seen how she can score herself too, we always seem to see one fantastic goal each tournament from Bronze so lets hope we see at least one if not more this time around. 

Rachel Daly - I don't think it is any secret that my favourite player is Daly, I just love seeing her play and to see her finally getting the recognition she deserves. If people are new to the game or don't follow the NWSL they might not realise just what Daly is capable of but I am really looking forward to seeing her get her name out there this tournament. Playing at the back she is brilliant but as we have seen for the Houston Dash she is a fantastic attacking player too and I am really hoping to see her name on the score sheet. 

Keira Walsh - Walsh is one of those players for me that can seem to hide away in a game but when you look back she makes a much bigger impact on the game than you think. Her spacial awareness and passing ability will really help the team out in the middle of the pitch and I am looking forward to seeing how she does in the Euros. 

Alex Greenwood - Since moving to Man City Greenwood has really started to make an impression on me, at first I wasn't too interested but she seems to be doing really well now at club level. She has had to adapt at club level due to injuries and I think her move to centre back has actually been a positive one as she really helped Man City get the finish they did in the season. I am looking forward to seeing how she does at centre back during the Euros as it looks like that could be where she spends the most of her time. 

Millie Bright -  Bright has really stood out to me in the NWSL for the past few years with her defensive skills. For me she really is a no nonsense old school type of defender who not only is a fantastic defender but can be vital at set pieces too. If she plays like she plays for Chelsea us England fans could be in for a treat.

Beth Mead - I really do believe Mead is a massively underrated player. She often gets overlooked when her crossing ability is brilliant and she can get the team into some fantastic positions on the pitch. It is going to be interesting to see if Mead starts games or is brought on as an impact sub but I really do think the super sub later on in the game could be a real threat to the opposition.

Leah Williamson - Captain Leah, I am so glad that Williamson has got the captaincy for this competition as I think she is the perfect choice for the job. Williamson has really made a name for herself the past few seasons and she is finally getting rewarded for this. I am hoping we see her playing in a defensive midfield role as I think this is best suited to her and her ability to make out the perfect pass but she can also play really well in the centre of defence if needed too. 

Ellen White - White always shows us exactly what she is capable of in tournaments so I am looking forward to seeing how well she does this time around. With competition up front high it is going to be interesting to see how much game time she gets especially after recently getting Covid, let's hope that doesn't have too much of an impact for her and we will see her have yet another good tournament. 

Georgia Stanway - Stanway is a bit of a controversial player but honestly I love her I think her ability on and off the ball is fantastic, let's just hope she can keep card free and not put in any silly challenges as I think she could be crucial in the middle of the pitch. I would love to see her on the score sheet a few times too. I just still don't think I am over her leaving Man City yet either. 

Lauren Hemp - Hemp was one of my favourite players last season for Man City and I think she is a young player with a whole lot of potential. Hemp and Daly on the left could create a fantastic partnership throughout the competition and I think we could see Hemp creating and scoring a few goals throughout the month too.

Jess Carter - It is really nice to see Jess Carter being called up for this tournament as I think it is safe to say it has been a long time coming for her. Carter had a standout season at Chelsea in the 21/22 season and it has helped her really break into the England squad which maybe under old managers she wouldn't have done. I hope she does get plenty of game time in the competition as she definitely deserves it. 

Hannah Hampton - To say how young Hampton is she is already showing the potential to be an absolutely fantastic 'keeper. It would be great to see Hampton get some game time but with Earps being in the squad I am not too sure how much time she will get if any but even having her as an option on the bench is great and it will give her some big tournament experience, it certainly won't be the last we see of her in England tournaments if her career keeps going the way it is.

Fran Kirby - Kirby has had her health problems lately but it is great to see her being called up once again as the past few seasons she has really shown us what she is capable of and she has cemented her place in the Chelsea squad. If we can keep Kirby fit and use her correctly I think we could end up seeing her making a big impact on the results.

Demi Stokes -  I honestly aren't sure about how much time Stokes is going to have on the pitch as I think the left back spot is surely going to go to Daly as long as she is fit. But having a player with the capabilities of Stokes as back up isn't half bad. It would be nice to see Stokes on the pitch but honestly I am not sure how much we will see.

Jill Scott - Now I am very glad to see Scott get called up for this tournament as I think her past experience could really come in handy plus she really is a character which will help behind the scenes too. Scott might not get as many minutes as I would hope but those minutes she does get will be great to watch and she will definitely be a huge asset to the team.

Nikita Parris - With the quality of attacking players we have to offer this tournament I think playing minutes for Parris could be in short supply. Now don't get me wrong Parris is a good player but there are youngsters who have performed well consistently who might get the game time over her but if she does get on the field I think her experience could come in very handy.

Chloe Kelly - I am so glad that Chloe Kelly has managed to recover from her injury in time to feature in this competition. I am excited to see how she performs in the Euros as I think she could really benefit this team in the long run with her pace, skill and overall footballing ability. She did well on her return for Man City so lets hope we see some more great performances in the England shirt this summer.

Beth England - England is a player that has really grown on me these past few seasons and I think it is safe to say she is really starting to make a name for herself in the game. I am hoping we see plenty of England in the tournament as she is going to be a fantastic attacking asset but again she is up against some strong competition for game time so let's just hope she does get plenty of chance to prove herself.

Ella Toone - Toone is one of the best young players out there for me at the moment. Since joining Man Utd she just seems to be getting better and better. I am really hoping to see her get her name on the score sheet a fair few times throughout the competition and I really think she is going to end up being a player that a lot of people have their eyes on for years to come.

Ellie Roebuck - I am glad to see Roebuck's name in the squad but again I don't know how much of her we are going to see in the competition, I honestly think the only time we would see her is if England have the group wrapped up or if Earps gets injured (fingers crossed she doesn't). Roebuck spent a lot of last season injured and I think if that wasn't the case she might have ended up as number one but at the end of the day as a Man City fan I just want her to return to next season fully fit.

Lotte Wubben-Moy - I managed to watch a bit more of Arsenal last season and Wubben-Moy really caught my attention. At just 23 years old I think we are still to see just what she is capable of but her development lately has been fantastic so I am excited to see just how good she is going to be a few more years down the line. Again I aren't too sure that we are going to see loads of minutes for Wubben-Moy but I think just being at the tournament will be a great experience and help her prepare for possible future tournaments.

Alessia Russo - I know I have said a few times in this post that a few young players have stood out to me in the past season but honestly Russo has probably stood out to me lately more than any others. Again at 23 years old I think the best is still to come from Russo but I think we are going to see her play a big part in England's progress through the Euros with her fantastic attacking ability. Russo is definitely going to be a player I will be keeping a close eye on throughout the competition and I am really hoping she gets plenty of game time and gets her name on the score sheet a few times.

So there you go that is what we think to the England squad for the upcoming Euros. The past few competitions I think England have had a strong side but for some reason this squad is definitely giving me a lot more hope than in previous years and I actually think we could progress quite far into the tournament and show the rest of the world what could be heading their way in the next World Cup. With the squad being a nice mix of youth and experience I think this could be a squad that we see a lot more frequently but I will be honest I think I am just looking forward to watching the youngsters this time around as they are going to be key to England's progression. 

What do you think to England's squad for the euros?

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