Our Euro 2022 Semi Final Predictions


Well here were are into the final week of the Euro 2022 competition, where has the month gone? We have seen some great football and now at the semi final stage of the competition we are getting the chance to watch two great games with four great teams competing for a spot in the final at Wembley on the 31st of July. The four teams left in this competition are all pretty strong teams in their own ways so we are in for two games that honestly could go either way so it is going to be all about who turns up and wants it most on the night, I can see at least one of the games heading to extra time. So here is how we think the games are going to finish...

England vs Sweden 

This is the game I am most looking forward to, not just because it is the home nation but also because these two teams always provide us fans with a great game. This was one of the first England games we ever went to and we are looking forward to being back in the stands on Tuesday night to see the two sides fight for a spot in the final. Sweden beat England in the 2019 World Cup 3rd place match so it is safe to say England are going to be out for revenge plus with them still not losing a game under Wiegman's management they definitely wont want their first to be during this game. England have looked strong throughout the competition and we have seen how they can change the game around after their game vs Spain. As for Sweden, they have done well but they certainly haven't looked their best, as an England fan I am hoping they haven't saved their best until this game because I think if Sweden play like they did against Belgium in the semi's England have a very strong chance of being the team that progresses into the final. 

Germany vs France

Unfortunately due to when Germany have played their previous games I haven't had the chance to sit and watch them properly yet, I have had to rely on group chats and highlights to see how their games have turned out, all I know is they do really well in this competition and have a squad full of talent that is very capable of putting France to the test. France for me though have been one of my favourite teams to watch this tournament and even without their big name players the squad is full of talent and I can see them being the team to beat Germany and progress to the final. Watching France face the Netherlands the other day just showed the quality they have and the depth of squad they have. Not once did they look tired and they pressed and pressed throughout the whole game and honestly that only went to extra time due to the brilliance of the Netherlands goalkeeper. If France turn up and play like they did in their semi final I think we could be seeing them at Wembley in the final.

With how the tournament has gone for these teams so far the semi final games could easily be the toughest ones we have seen so far. Fingers crossed we are seeing the host nation England in the final against France as this could provide a very exciting final for us fans but I guess we will see later on in the week if that actually happens or if Sweden or Germany end up being victorious, I am definitely going for England and France victories.

Who do you think will be victorious in their semi final game?

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