Two teams I think could surprise everyone at the Euros


When you look at the teams participating in Euro 2022 I think it is safe to say we could be in for a very close competition this time around. A lot of country names are circulating for who could be walking away the winner but honestly it feels like it is too close to decide and I do believe that there could be some shock results that derail the most talked about favourites and that an underdog (or at least less talked about) team could swoop in and steal the Euro trophy come the 31st July. You just have to look at the strength of the squads participating and the groups they have been put it to see that it really is anyone's chance to shine. For me though there are two tams that haven't been talked about as much as they should as I can see them really pushing for a place in the final and who knows they might just end up winning the whole thing and for me those two teams are...


I think that Spain are often an overlooked nation in this tournament but with the improvement we have seen from them over the years I think we could see them be a real threat this time around. I think they really started showing off their capabilities in the 2019 World Cup where we saw some very strong performances from them but since then they just seem to have got better and better. I think we are going to see them be a really strong goal threat and with a lot of people over looking them I think they have nothing to lose so they will go all out in terms of performances to show people they need to beware of what they can do.  They have a lot of players who can make an impact Ona Battle & Maria Leon are just two of the people I will be keeping a close eye on throughout the month plus with Ballon D'or winner Putellas on the team who will play a big part I think we are in for a treat when watching Spain play.


Could this tournament finally be the one where we see Sweden take home the winners medals? I have a strong feeling that they could finally go all the way and win the competition after being so close in previous ones. They have some absolutely fantastic players in their squad that are often overlooked at club level due to those around them, they really do have the capability to make a name for themselves going into the new season though. Sweden have looked very good in previous competitions and they played really well in the Olympics just missing out on winning like they did in the 2017 Euros but surely their time has to come soon? The team can move the ball around really well and provide some great attacking threats plus to me their football is just really enjoyable to watch. I enjoy watching Sweden play that much that we have actually got tickets to Netherlands vs Sweden which is bound to be an absolutely brilliant game as it is a replay of the Euro 2017 final. I have to say if I was to put money on my Euro winner it would be going on Sweden this time around, I am even tempted to get a shirt for when we go to the game plus I am just really looking forward to seeing Asllani playing live once again rather than it being on a TV screen. 

As I said earlier I really do think this tournament is going to be one of the closest we have seen in a while and lets hope we get to watch plenty of entertaining football over the course of the month. Maybe one of these two team will end up taking home the trophy but I think there are multiple teams in the running for it, these two just deserve a little bit more recognition as they aren't getting as much as they should be currently.

Who do you think could be an underdog team in these Euros? 

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