How we think the groups will look at the end of the stage

It is Euros time and it is safe to say we are excited here at Edge of the Area. The next few weeks are going to be filled with plenty of football which has certainly been missed in this off season, I can see most evenings involving us glued to the TV screen to see who is picking up those much needed points to progress out of the group stages of the competition. It is safe to say each group should be entertaining with a lot of groups being too close to call due to the talent each team has however, at the end of the day only two teams from each group can progress and here is our prediction of how the groups are going to look after the group stage games have been played...

Group A 




Northern Ireland

You would really like to think that the hosts England were going to walk away the winners of this group but it is football so you never really know what could happen. With England's recent performances though we can't help but think they will top this group to progress to the quarter finals. With the quality of the Norway squad I think they will be the team progressing along with England but you never know Austria or Northern Ireland could surprise us all but on paper it should be England and Norway progressing. It would be nice to see Northern Ireland progress in their first Euros but I think the group might be too strong for them. 

Group B





This group is could very easily be too close to call. There are some fantastic teams in this group with some brilliant talent available for selection so it really could go any way. Unfortunately I think the rest of the group could be a bit too strong for Finland but who knows they could surprise us. In terms of at the top of the group I have said recently how I think Spain are going to pull off a surprise during the competition and I am really hoping to see them top the group. In terms of who is going to progress with them I think it is going to be a very close call between Germany and Denmark but I think Germany could just beat Denmark to the second spot. Denmark have a pretty strong looking team but so do Germany. This second spot could very easily come down to the final game of the group stage but we are in for a treat watching this group. 

Group C





With group C being help up north of course we had to get tickets to what is going to be the game of the group, the Netherlands vs Sweden, this game is bound to be the one where the winner ends up topping the group but I can see it being a fantastic game to watch. This group the top two spots are pretty hard to call but I think Sweden's recent performances will really help them and they will progress as winners of the group. I can see the Netherlands beating Switzerland to the second place spot if they play like the Netherlands we are used to seeing but they are going to have to play much better than they did against England the other week if they want this to be the case. Portugal have had much less time to prepare after it took UEFA so long to say if Russia were being replaced or not so I think that lack of preparation is going to leave them at the bottom of the group. 

Group D





Group D is the group that I am really not sure about, I would love to see France topping this group. They are without some big name players due to things going on behind the scenes but with the talent that country has I think we could see them progressing as winners of the group. Now I don't know much about the Italian team so for that reason alone I am placing them at the bottom of the group but I am looking forward to watching them play throughout their time in the competition and learn more about them as it goes on. I have placed Belgium as second in this group just because I like watching them play and I would love to see them do well during the competition.

So there you go that is how we think the groups are going to be looking once the group stage has ended but as we say with football you never really know way results are going to go on the day. If the teams we have predicted do end up progress I think it is safe to say we are in for a great knock out stage. Now it is time to get lost in a month of football.

Who do you think will progress from each group?

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