The Euro games we are going to...

The countdown is finally on, after what feels like forever we are finally edging closer to the start of the Women's Euros. Thanks to the pandemic this competition has been delayed a year but that has only helped the build up get more exciting with players who might have been injured last year coming back to fight for a place in their countries final squad. The excitement has been building here at Edge of the Area as it is finally an international tournament we will be able to attend in person thanks to it being held here in England. 

As soon as it was announced that the tournament was going to be held on home soil we knew we would be trying our best to get to some games but I think we under estimated just how many we would be heading to, the original idea of just going to two games ended up with us getting tickets to 6 games overall and honestly if money was no object and we had more holidays from work etc I think we would have ended up grabbing tickets to a whole lot more games. 

The fact that we are managing to get to 6 games overall is fantastic as we honestly didn't expect so many games to be available to us without us having to travel a long way to see the games. We really didn't expect so many of the games to be held up north where we are based as usually it is the southern grounds that get to host the games however, the organisers have done well spreading the games out so everyone gets the chance to see some fantastic international football. The tickets were unbelievable too and we managed to stay under budget when purchasing tickets even with an extra game thrown in last minute and family wanting to join us for the bigger games. After seeing the prices for the Men's Euro's last year I honestly expected to only be able to afford a few games but they have managed to make this tournament accessible to all and I believe the most we paid for a single ticket was just £20, now think about it you don't get much for £20 so to be able to go see a major tournament at this price is fantastic. 

We have tried to stay up north for the majority of our games just to cut down on costs such as fuel and hotels, each game means we can go straight home after and no holidays should need to be taken from the day job which is always an added bonus so here are the games we will be attending...

England vs The Netherlands
This game at Elland Road is a bit of an added bonus game that we didn't really expect to be going to but with two teams playing a send off game more or less on our doorstep for £15 a ticket we couldn't really resist it. Granted as a Bradford fan going to Elland Road was not at the top of my wish list but this is a game we are really looking forward to and it should be a good way to build on the tournament excitement before the kick off in July. 

England vs Austria

I am so glad I managed to get tickets to the tournament opener during the pre-sale as I knew I wanted to see at least one England game plus with the added bonus of it being at one of my favourite stadiums Old Trafford I really didn't want to miss out on. We actually have family members coming to this game with us and with it being the first game of the tournament I think we should be in for a treat and the atmosphere should be brilliant. Roll on the 6th July. 

The Netherlands vs Sweden

I am not so secretly cheering on Sweden for this tournament although if they come up against England at any stage I don't know what I am going to do. When the tickets first went on general sale this was a bit of a spur of the moment decision as we wanted to get to a Sweden game plus with it being the Netherlands they are facing this could be a very interesting game that could go either way (secretly hoping for a Sweden win though)

Quarter Final - Winner of group C vs Group D runner up

We honestly didn't expect to see any of the later stages of the tournament being held up the north but two of the quarters are actually going to be held up here so of course we were going to miss out on the opportunity to see some of these games especially with it being decided between group C & D. These groups are filled with some fantastic teams so whoever ends up in this quarter final is bound to provide us with another interesting game, fingers crossed we are seeing France in this one as I would love to watch them in a game during the tournament. 

Quarter Final - Winner of group D vs Group C runner up

Not satisfied with just one quarter final we are doing back to back games with the Group C winners playing on the Friday and then we are heading to watch Group C runners up on the Saturday. It is safe to say with the teams possibly playing in this fixture we should be in for a treat on both days with some very exciting football to be played.

Semi Final - 26th July

Surprisingly there is also a semi final being held up north and not just down south so when we were looking at our options during the pre-sale we knew we wanted to go to this one. This is another game we have family coming to with us so it should be a fun trip out on a Tuesday evening. I am really looking forward to seeing who ends up playing in this game and no doubt it is going to be another good one.

The Final

A trip to Wembley was always going to be on the cards to when we found out the tournament was going to be on home soil as it is bound to be a fantastic atmosphere no matter what teams get through, fingers crossed England do make it to this stage though as they are more than capable of it. This is another game that we are going to with family so it should be another fantastic memory for us all and to be honest this could already be the game we are looking forward to the most and we don't know who is even playing in it yet. Plus it will be great to say we have been to Wembley to see an international tournament final. 

So there you go it is certainly a summer of football for us as the days we aren't watching games from a stadium we will be glued to the TV watching them. There is going to be plenty of Euro content on our blog and on all our social media channels so keep your eyes on them for the new content coming your way.

We have our shirts ready and we are raring to go bring on the 6th July. 

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