A quick round up of the 2021/22 League 2 campaign

Well at least one thing can be said about the 2021/22 League 2 season... it was good to finally be back in the stadium, after the pandemic kept us out of the ground for so long it was just nice to be sat with other fans chatting & watching the game together rather than being sat at home watching games on the TV. You really can't beat the feeling & the atmosphere of those live games. It was a bit of an interesting season too with some teams doing a lot better than expected and others being nowhere near the mark, but don't worry Bradford City will have their own post coming very soon because what a season that was for us fans. 

The season saw Forest Green Rovers finally make their way out of the league and into league one after finishing the season as league winner but it very nearly didn't go that way with it being a very close race between both Forest Green & Exeter for that top spot. Forest Green just about held on though and won the league whilst Exeter gained automatic promotion after finishing in second place. The 3rd and final automatic promotion spot was anyone's really but it seemed a bit far fetched for Bristol Rovers to gain it seeing as they needed to win by 7 goals in the final game of the season... somehow though Rovers did it by beating Scunthorpe 7-0 on the final day to sneak into that final automatic spot. Now a few have questioned this result with Scunthorpe's fate been sealed earlier on in the season but honestly I don't think you can take away from how well Bristol Rovers have done all season and it is nice to see them progress into league 1. The final promotion spot was eventually taken by Port Vale after their fantastic win at Wembley vs Mansfield who are a team that have really surprised me this season and I didn't expect them to finish as high up the table as they did. 

As for the relegation spots I think it is safe to say that the first was decided pretty early on in the season as Scunthorpe just couldn't seem to hit the ground running and they were far from the team we were used to seeing and I am hoping they don't stick around the National League too long and soon bounce back but I guess only time will tell with that one. It is also a shame to see Oldham drop into the National League because they are a club with a lot of history and one who provide a good atmosphere when they have visited Valley Parade, with the right investment I can't see them staying out of the EFL for too long but it is just a case of are they going to invest to get back to where they should be? 

A surprise team for me this season definitely has to be Sutton United, I honestly didn't expect them to be in the position they were in at the end of the season, if I am 100% honest I thought they would actually be fighting for survival but they finished the season comfortably in 8th and were really pushing towards that final play off spot in the final weeks of the season. I thought Tranmere would have done much better than they did too but I guess things just didn't fall into place for them and they finished 9th. Talking about surprises of the season I think the biggest one for me was seeing struggling Bradford beat Forest Green at The New Lawn, I definitely expected us to come away with a heavy defeat but we really stepped up and showed what we would have been capable of if we gave it our all throughout the full season but as I said earlier we will have a whole post on Bradford City very soon. 

We are only a few weeks into the off season and we are already seeing plenty of movement before the new season begins and I think with some of the recruitment we have seen we could be in for a very interesting & entertainment. add in the new teams that have been relegated from League One and those coming up from the National League us fans could really be in for a treat. 

We are already on countdown for the new season and will have more League 2 content coming before the opening weekend but for now you will be finding us glued to social media keeping an eye on all the transfers taking place in the league.

Will you be keeping a close eye on League 2 next season? 

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