Our thoughts on the 2021/22 Premier League season


Watching the Premier League on the TV during the 2021/22 season finally felt like normality had returned to life with the fans returning to the stadium. We no longer had to look at empty stands and listen to pre-recorded fan noise, we finally got a sense of that fantastic atmosphere that games had seriously missed during the pandemic but please can we stop with the pitch invasions are they really needed? 

This season was a bit of a mixture really with plenty of lows especially for me as a Manchester United fan, but let's not go there just yet. The season was so close this time around with no clear winner right up until the final day and even down at the bottom the relegation battle went down to the wire which just goes to show how close the season was all round which for me is always the best I much prefer when it is constant battles rather than one clear winner. There were plenty of shock results throughout the season too with the team you thought would struggle actually coming out on top, I am quite glad I didn't place any bets this season as I would have definitely lost far too much money.

As for Leeds United this season they definitely got very lucky on that final day and honestly thought Burnley would have ended up scraping it and staying up not Leeds. I am interested to see how Leeds do next season as I think they are going to have to bring in some quality players whilst also try to cling onto some of the bigger names in the squad that are being looked at by bigger teams. 

Everton were probably one of the teams that shocked me the most throughout the season as I really didn't expect to see them in the relegation battle for as long as they were and to be honest I think they had a bit of a lucky escape due to the fixtures they had towards the end of the season compared to Burnley & Leeds. When you look at the Everton squad on paper with the names they have they should be challenging for European places so let's hope they can get back on track next season and perform much better. 

Being a Man Utd fan when it came to who won the league honestly I didn't want Man City or Liverpool to win it but in the end I am honestly quite glad that Man City won it as they actually looked great all season, the quality in their team is unreal really and they are only strengthening it going into next season which makes you wonder if they will be able to run away with the league next time around? Fingers crossed though there will be a few other teams really pushing and challenging for that top spot next time around though.

Chelsea seemed to have had a hit and miss season too but I think theirs isn't just down to the players as we saw the results start to change when the ownership issues begun, with players uncertain about their futures I guess things were always going to take a bit of a turn but at least they are resolved now and they can look ahead to a new chapter where they are playing as they should once more. I am gutted to see Rudiger go though as I always thought he was such a good player, I would also really love to see them give the youngsters a bit more of a chance next season too. 

Well I guess it is time to talk about Manchester United, what an absolutely terrible season they had and honestly I actually stopped tuning in to most of their games as they were painful to watch the majority of the time. Obviously they had all the issues with Greenwood which really didn't help but then again neither do the owners that just don't seem to do anything to help the club get back to where they once were. There are also players who seem to think they are untouchable and management helped them with that case by still picking them even after consistently terrible performances. I am just really hoping that bringing in the new manager will really shake things up and bring in some players that actually want to play for the club for a change. A lot of people are blaming Ronaldo for the issues but at the end of the day he has been back for one season now and these issues have been going on for a lot longer than just last season and a big rebuild is needed in a variety of areas at the club.

I really do feel for Norwich as they are one of those yo-yo teams who just bounce between the Championship and Premier League, I think a few people expected them to be relegated this season but fingers crossed that when they reach the Premier League they can stay up for a bit longer. They just couldn't seem to hit the ground running this season though winning just the 5 games. 

West Ham are a team that really surprised me this season. They ended up finishing a comfortable 7th this season and put in some great performances whilst also going a very long way in the Europa league which I don't think anyone expected. It is going to be an interesting off season for West Ham and I think if they can keep hold of some of those bigger names we could see them having another good season in 22/23. Tottenham are another team that surprised me as I really didn't expect to see them finishing in 4th place, Spurs seem to be a bit of a dark horse team lately and I think with the right recruitment in a few years we could really see the best out of them and maybe even see them start picking up some trophies. 

With the start to the season that Newcastle had I really don't think anyone expected to see them finishing in 11th place but the new owners and Eddie Howe really turned the club around and got them playing a whole lot better than anyone expected. I think if they keep hold of some of the big names and bring in a few new players to strengthen some positions and the squad overall we could really see a Newcastle team that are capable of anything, these new owners seem to have come in with a lot of promise so lets hope everything works in their favour. 

Brighton are another team that really stood out to me and put in some great performances throughout the season. Again they are a team that I didn't think would finish so high up the table as they finished 9th. They are another team that can be seen as a bit of a dark horse and again if they can keep as much of the squad together as possible whilst also strengthening other areas I think we could see some more fantastic performances from them, ones to rival that 4-0 win against Manchester United which honestly I still can't believe.

I think it is safe to say that during this off season we are going to see a lot of change at a lot of clubs with plenty of interesting transfers taking place and I am looking forward to seeing where a lot of players end up moving to and seeing who brings the most strength into their squads. Fingers crossed we are going to be in for another really close and interesting season for the 22/23 season but with the World Cup disrupting the season in the winter I guess it is all going to be which team can adapt and stay strong during a busy schedule, maybe some of those dark horses will make a big push during those periods especially if they have a lot of players who won't be playing all those extra World Cup games. But for now the countdown to the start of the new season begins.

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