Our favourite Man Utd players from the 2021/22 season

I think every Manchester United fan can agree... it has definitely been a tough season to be a United fan. Results have been shocking for the majority of the season and when you look at the squad names on paper it is definitely safe to say the team should be doing much better. Things just haven't gone right way though and I am sure there are plenty of reasons why and a lot of those are certainly what is going on behind the seasons. When I saw this post approaching on the calendar I honestly sat and thought to myself usually this list would feature far too many players as I normally struggle to narrow the list down due to some great performances over the season, this year though 4 names came to mind and that was it. This is definitely the easiest favourite players list I have ever done. So here are those players that I believe have had a pretty good season, not great, but good enough for them to stand out to me...

David De Gea

I think it is safe to say De Gea has really helped the club out this season and put in some fantastic performances to keep the club in the top half of the season. Defence has been a weak point at the club and it has often been left to him to step up and stop the opposition in situations where the defence have simply switched off. De Gea has definitely stepped up this season and fingers crossed he can do this again next season as when he is at his best the club really benefits. Maybe it was the though of Henderson breathing down his neck for game time that helped him pull of some great saves or maybe it is the new manager coming in but whatever it is let's hope he has another good season next season. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

A lot of people are saying Ronaldo has been the big problem at the club this season but I am not sure how you can say that when some of his performances have certainly helped keep the club in the top half of the table and some of his goals have just been fantastic. The club had been having problems long before Ronaldo came back and if anything he has linked up well with most of those around him including youngster Elanga. His return helped win back some fans after last season too and I just hope he is still at the club next season as I think he could end up being a key player in the rebuild and really help push for some trophies to return to the club at long last. 

Anthony Elanga

Youngster Elanga has definitely had a good season in my eyes and has really shown us fans just what he is capable of. I think if he stays on the right track and injury free he is going to be a player that Ten Hag just can't ignore. I am really hoping we see plenty of him next season and he shows us that this season wasn't just a one off with how well he played in some important games. I think he could see him being one of the big names in the future if he continues the way he has done.


I know a lot of people will be reading this and questioning this choice however, I think compared to past seasons Fred has actually performed quite well. Watching him play alongside Ronaldo he has made some great link up passes and got United into some really good positions on the field. He has definitely had one of his best seasons in a United shirt this time round, whether that is the players around him looking poor or due to him upping his game well I guess it could be either reason really but he is definitely a player that has stood out to me. 

So there you go those are my favourite Manchester United players for the 2021/22 season it has definitely been a rough season as I said at the start of the post but fingers crossed next season is going to be much better especially if the club sticks to its promise of a decent transfer budget for Ten Hag to really rebuild the team which we all know has been needed for a long time now. Let's hope the next time I am writing a post about my favourite Manchester United players it is actually harder to narrow the list down like it used to. 

Who were some of your favourite Manchester United players for the 2021/22 season?

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