Manchester United Shirt Collection

Following on from my previous posted we have my final shirt collection post, I have previously done my random shirts & Bradford City shirts but now it is time for my Manchester United shirts. 

Manchester United have always been my second team in the men's game, growing up I would always be found in a United shirt, any other item of clothing with the badge on it and I even had a Man Utd table football set up in my room at one point along with an inflatable Utd chair. Most birthday's or Christmas day's I would end up opening a shirt or something Utd related, granted I have stopped lately but I still buy the shirts every so often so the collection still slowly grows. 

So here in this post are the Manchester United shirts I have in my collection currently...

Nani is definitely one of my favourite players over the year so as soon as I was told I could have the 07 to 09 shirt I knew I wanted to have Nani's name on the back. I absolutely loved this shirt due to the details on the front and the big stripe on the back which unfortunately has seen better days thanks to being worn so much and for training back in the day. I also ended up

The 08/09 away shirt was one I loved as I just loved the simplicity of the design. The little bit of red on the neck, the little bit of blue down either side and on the neckline. The shirt was nice and simple,  I ended up with Rooney on the back of this one as he was one of my favourites around this time and I used to like getting different players on the back of each shirt instead of sticking with the same over and over again.

I don't know what it was about the 09/10 but as soon as it was revealed I made to sure to put it down on my birthday list. With my birthday being at the start of September this is when I receive my shirts for the season so as soon as the reveals happened I picked which shirt I wanted that year and let the family know. I honestly do believe that the thing that tempted me with this shirt the most was the black V going across the chest. This shirt was just nice and simple.

I absolutely loved the 11/12 away shirt. The blue and black stripes just worked really well together, mixed with what seemed like a lot smaller sponsor logo the shirt for me just worked really well. I just really wish this shirt still fit me but there is absolutely no chance of that happening.

The 10/11 home shirt is one I got for my 16th birthday, you might remember me saying that for most big birthdays I always get a shirt with my name and age on the back which is something I love and I thing this was the perfect shirt for my 16th birthday. I love shirts that have collars on them and that are nice and simple so this one ticked all the boxes for me. I actually went to Orlando in 2013 with Liam and his family and I packed this shirt for some reason and ended up wearing it a fair bit, it ws just such a nice shirt.

I actually got the 04/05 away shirt with my nickname from Primary school on the back, this was only the 2nd Man Utd shirt I had ever owned and I love the blue with just a hint of red on it. I really like the badge in the middle of the chest on this shirt too as it just made it a bit different.

My first Man Utd shirt was the 02 to 04 home shirt with of course my favourite Ronaldo on the back. As you can see from the images this shirt was worn to death, so much so that the sponsor logo has come off all together in one place and is falling off in other places. This shirt was worn for everything, football parties, football training, playing out and even non-uniform days at school I just loved it.

The gold detailing on the 06/07 away shirt is what sold me on this one you will see in the next image that I actually ended up getting both the home and away shirt for this season (not entirely sure why) but I ended up with my surname and a random number on the back of this. This shirt just looked so smart to me growing up with the black white and gold detailing.

 As I mentioned above I got both the home and away shirts for the 06/07 season. This is the year where one of my favourite players were definitely Rio Ferdinand, I think it is because he helped me win a fantasy football league but I had to get him on this shirt. Again this shirt was so simple but the gold detailing just made it look a bit different to other red shirts.

The 10/11 away shirt was only ever going to be printed to with one name for me. Chicharito for me was a fantastic player and he was an instant favourite for me, I remember getting this from my grandparents for my birthday and I had to go with them to get this printed as they weren't going to risk having his name spelled wrong. I actually fell out of love with white shirts as I started to get older but again I loved this one as it is simple but the breakdown of the colours on the sleeves make it that bit different. As you can see though the red has started to run on the sleeves unfortunately.

Finally we have my most recent Man Utd shirt which is the 3rd shirt from the 18/19 season. Lingard is actually one of my current favourite United players, granted he hasn't had his best games recently but I still think he has potential. This is the first United Adidas shirt I have and the quality is brilliant as well as the colours of the shirt. When we actually got this shirt and was waiting for it printing the guy in DW sports was actually saying this was the best shirt he had printed down to the quality of the material. I really do need to stand wearing this shirt more often.

Just like with my other shirt collections there are definitely some shirts missing from this collection, most importantly my George Best printed shirt which I got to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the clubs first European Cup win, which goes nicely with my programme from that game too, which I will definitely be featuring on here too. Plus there is also the Ryan Giggs shirt I had which my mum sold at a car boot of all places.

If I find any of the missing shirts when I get the chance to properly look at my parents house I will definitely add them to a new post. Plus I will be doing posts in the future as I add more shirts to my collection over the next few years.  Do you have any Manchester United shirts in your collection?

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