Getting Use Out Of An Agility Ladder

In January I started my fitness and weight loss journey in hopes of losing some weight, getting my knee better and most importantly trying to get back to a stage where I could get back to playing football if I really wanted to even if it is just 5 a side. 

I was on the right track my weight was going down, I was being a lot more activity as I was actually going to the gym but then Covid-19 hit and the gyms were shut. But instead of halting my progress I have continued at home. When both me and Liam were furloughed we were having kick about's in the garden but then when he went back to work I thought I would dig the agility ladder out and try to incorporate that into some solo workouts and it has certainly done me the world of good. 

This agility ladder cost £20 on Amazon and is a 6mtr ladder with rung's however it can be adjusted if needed. It came with a bag and a set of cones all in a nice and small carry bag so you can set up your own drills wherever you are training. The best part is you can very easily use this ladder on any surface. I have used it in the side garden and on the decking and I have had great sessions on both those surfaces and I know I will continue to do so. 

I have stood on the rungs quite a few times whether I have been wearing moulds or trainers and none of them have snapped or even have any damage on so to say they are only plastic you aren't going to have to worry about snapping them and the ladder will last you a while. 

One of my favourite drills to do with this ladder are the lateral quick steps, in fact I actually just did a 15 minute session of these and the amount of calories burnt was unbelievable. I was worried though I was going to get bored of doing these however, a quick search on YouTube brought up plenty of different drills that are going to be suitable for a variety of different skill levels so there are drills for everyone. 

I am absolutely loving using this ladder and I am sure it will be making plenty of appearances on Instagram in the future as it is an item I aren't going to get fed up of soon, in fact I am thinking of adding to the home training set up with some hurdles, so I can create a little bit of a circuit for my workouts. If you are wanting to improve your speed & agility whilst at home this off season I would definitely recommend heading to Amazon and picking up an agility ladder. 

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