My Favourite Football Memories Growing Up

I think all football fans have those memories from growing up that will always stick with them from the beautiful game. This time without football has definitely had me reminiscing on some of the greatest moments from the game whilst I was growing up, these moments have been from me supporting team, watching the game and even playing the game.

Back in 2000 when Bradford played against Fiorentina, which I believe Carbone's debut, my dad was working as a Steward for Bradford City. After the game me and my mum were waiting around for my dad to finish and we ended up meeting the Fiorentina team thanks to him. The best part about this though is how generous the team actually were they had some food left over which were actually sausage rolls & they ended up giving them out to us, they also give us badges and key rings. This is definitely one of those moments that will always be remembered thanks to them being so generous & actually taking the time to even acknowledge us, something that as an almost 6 year year old in love with the game will never forget.

Another thing I will always remember and is one of my favourite things to look back on is how my grandad has always been my number 1 fan. No matter the weather or team I was playing for he was on that touchline supporting me, he even took me to training sessions. When I played rugby he was always encouraging me to do the best I could, he would tell me it was so much money per tackle and so much per try. This carried over when I played football and my match day encouragement was so much money per goal, so thank you grandad for the money given over the years and helping me do the best I could as that definitely spurred me on. These days we just sit and talk about football, he has even started paying more attention to the women's game so he can chat about that with me, he also has a little folder to put Bradford City women programmes in which feature my articles.

In the Bradford City Premiership years I was still pretty young but this is definitely when I was getting more and more into football and not just my usual rugby. So obviously me and my mum weren't going to miss out on seeing Bradford City vs Manchester United at Valley Parade, especially as Manchester United have always been my second team. We ended up in the Manchester United end to watch this game, right and the back and I could barely see but I will always remember that Scholes volley going in from the Beckham corner and the whole of the TL Dallas stand just erupting, to most little kids celebrations like that may frighten them to death but I loved it and it definitely helped build the love for football that I have today. It is great now when you see that goal on social media as it just brings all those memories flooding back.

When I was in my final few years of Primary School and my first few years of Secondary School I actually got invited to a couple of trials for Centre of Excellence's.  I had trials for Manchester United, Leeds United and Bradford City all thanks to teachers recommending me. Although nothing ever came of them it gave me the opportunity to try out & see what I needed to improve on, just to say I was invited to the trials is definitely a great achievement.

Something I will always remember is when I was still quite young and Bradford City were doing a meet the players event but it was basically straight after school. I really wanted to go so my parents picked me & my sister up, brought my shirt for me to get changed in the car and we ended up getting to meet those players. If you look at the pictures from that day you just see my school polo shirt under my City shirt.

Did anyone else seem to go to load of football parties? It seemed that in primary school ever other party I went to was a football party, which was a great chance to put the kit on and go play plenty of football (a free for all) with friends for a few hours. I had plenty of football parties myself too which was great as it just meant extra time playing the game I loved, plus it was always an excuse to wear whatever shirt I got for my birthday that year, my parents have a picture in the hallway of me and my sister in full Bradford City kits just before one of my parties it was great and I wish I could still get away with having them now. 

Finally we probably have one of my favourite memories, a family friend at where my grandad used to work ran a fantasy football competition and they asked if I wanted to enter. I won the competition 2 years running, the best part is they all thought I had help when picking my team because obviously I was only young at the time (I bet I was around 10/11 the first year) and they were a group of grown men. It was so fun seeing week by week where I was in the league and it was great one year getting to hand my grandad the wooden spoon whilst he handed me my winnings. I am sure out of the winnings I bought a new football shirt/boots so you can't go wrong.

So there we have it those are the memories I have from football when growing up, what are some of yours?

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