A Variety Of Football Shirts In My Collection

I think once you start buying football shirts you just can't stop & over the next few weeks I will be bringing you my football shirt collection. Today we are going to take a look at my women's shirts, random shirts and the very few England shirts I own.

First up we have the USA training top which I bought to show my love of the USWNT because I couldn't find a UK supplier of their shirts and I definitely wasn't paying the prices to get one from the USA. I have to admit though this is one of my go too t-shirts for when I am lounging around.

I absolutely love FIFA as I am really into gaming so when I saw this FIFA shirt in  my local game I had to pick it up. I need to find the FIFA 20 shirt now.

I was lucky enough to win this Equal Playing Fields shirt from a Man City Women Fancast competition during the world cup, I love having this in my collection as it is so different. 

Speaking of different shirts that is the reason I bought this Adidas Tango football shirt, I love the blanked out badge and sponsor. It is definitely totally different to anything else I own. 

Next up we have my USWNT Tobin Heath short which we are still debating authenticity of, to be honest I don't think it is real but Liam picked this up for me as a gift a few years ago and it is going to be the closest I get to a Heath shirt until I get to America on holiday.

I was very kindly sent this Miskits shirt from Miskits themselves and I love it, the design is so unique and the quality is fantastic. Unfortunately this is a little bit tight on me at the moment but as soon as it fits you will be seeing it more often. 

Oh look another FIFA shirt I couldn't just get one version could I? I love the pink on this one and it was one of my go to's in FIFA 19.

I finally got my Roma shirt I had been hunt for at the start of this year. I managed to pick this up from our local Nike outlet and I absolutely love the chain link detail on it.

This is probably one of my most prized possessions, my signed Lucy Bronze Man City shirt, I got this signed when I met her at a Bradford City Women's event. This shirts actually only originally cost me £4 from a Nike outlet so it was definitely a bargain and even better now it has been printed.

Another Man City shirt I have in the collection is of course for one of my favourite players Jill Scott. As soon as I saw this shirt announced I knew I wanted one thanks to the colour of it. So when me and Liam went to a game I called into the shop and picked it up.

Another bargain from the Nike outlet was this Man City shirt, no name on the back but I had to pick it up. I love the fluorescent yellow (volt) detailing on this shirt. It just works so well with the rest of the shirt.

Another shirt I picked up from the Man City store was this Houghton one, I managed to get this on one of my first visits to the Academy stadium. This is one of the first Man City shirts I picked up so of course I got the captain's name on the back.

My final Man City shirt is this orange and purple 3rd shirt. Again this is another outlet bargain and I definitely wasn't going to leave it there. This was under £10 and I had said at the start of the season I wanted this one but unfortunately I never got around to it. So to see this on the rail in the outlet, it was definitely coming home with me.

You will see through the rest of this post that I don't own many England shirts, especially not recent ones. But this Navy Umbro one is probably the last one I got. I loved this shirt and I wish they would do something similar these days, especially with the collar.

This is a close 2nd in the favourite England shirts because the close up details are absolutely fantastic. This is a shirt that my parents surprised me and my sister with although I can't remember who she got on the back. The details are definitely what makes this shirt stand out, with the badge faded into the design.

Finally we have my Rooney England shirt, I usually picked the away shirts for England but I loved the little collar on this one and back then Rooney was definitely one of my favourite players. This shirt is so simple with the white design and little bits of red on the shoulders and sleeve.

So there you have it those are my women's, England and random football shirts that are in the collection. Make sure to check back next week to see a whole other set in the collection.

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