Football lockdown Activities You Can Take Part In

It is definitely a crazy time in the world right now, countries are on lockdown, schools have been shut, people are losing jobs and sports all over the world have been cancelled. The vast majority of people will probably have a lot more time of their hands just like me. I have gone from working 8.30am until 5pm to not working at all currently. I have also gone from most weekends watching football on TV or going to a men's game on a Saturday & a women's game on a Sunday but obviously with all games cancelled or postponed. So I have had to find other ways to keep myself occupied and here are some ways you can keep yourself occupied too...

Keep up with your skills
Just because your football team may have cancelled training there is no need for you to stop especially if you have a garden. You can still go into your garden & kick the ball around with a family member and YouTube & Twitter have plenty of videos of skills you can practice alone if need be. I have seen plenty of players outside/ some indoors keeping on top of their game so when it is time to head back to training they are still fit and haven't lost their touch. Even we have been out in the garden passing the football around and practicing keepy up's yet we aren't playing any more, it just gets us out of the house and means we are still getting some fresh air. 

Home workouts

If kicking the football around isn't something you want to do there is also the option to keep on top of your fitness by doing some home workouts. If you are used to going to the gym you could always opt to do a homework out instead, there are plenty of apps out there you can download for free and most are just body-weight exercises. My favourite app to use for this is the Nike Training Center as it even has workout from some of the USWNT players on there. There is also the Joe Wicks workouts you can take part in via YouTube, I have done one of those so far and it has killed me. 

Watch old games
Thanks to YouTube and the fact that you can record games on satellite TV there could be plenty of ways to access this next option. Just type in the game you want to watch on YouTube and I am sure you will be able to at least find highlights for it. I know I can relive the glory days of Bradford beating Chelsea 4-2 on YouTube. But if not and you are like us and often record games if you are going to miss parts of it you may have a sky box full of old games so why not use this time to finally sit and watch them if you are missing the game. 

Do a football Quiz 
This could be a great one to incorporate into calls with your friends or family. Create a football quiz, get a group of you together on an app like Zoom/Skype or Discord and you can have yourself a little quiz night. You could even get together as a team to do this as a team bonding exercise whilst we are all stuck at home. 

Read a book
If you want to spend some time reading whilst you can't go anywhere else well there are plenty of football books out there for you to have a read of. I have recently posted all the football books I own so hopefully you can find some recommendations there, but there are plenty of books out there for you to give a go.

Colouring sheets/ kit design
This could be a great one for all ages, there are plenty of options available out there including colouring books from the likes of How's Your Touch & Terrace Life. But you can always just get a sheet of paper and design your own kits. You could even turn this into a little competition between friends/family or teammates to see who can come up with the best design.

Video games
This is the one I have spent 90% of my time at home doing. I have become obsessed with FIFA lately and am grinding away on Squad Battles. But I am also very tempted to get Football Manager to help pass the time too. If you have any gaming consoles or a PC there are plenty of football games out there at all price points plus you can always play against your friends on line.

So there you have it those are some activities you can take part in whilst you are stuck inside. Do you have any other things you are doing? Let us know.

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