I Only Read Football Books These Days

I haven't actually read properly since I left school (a whole 9 years ago) but this year I am trying my best to get through as many of the books in our ever growing collection as I can. When I have actually sat and looked at our collection I have realised we actually have a lot of football related books, with possibly even more at my parents. Some books I have read recently and some go back years, so here are the football books we currently have in our collection at our own house (I will dig around in my parents loft another day)...

Giggsy - If I remember correctly this book actually came from the pound shop quite a few years ago. Granted it isn't an autobiography but growing up Giggs was one of my favourite players so I really do need to finally get around to reading this. Although I am sure by now there will be some more updated versions around.

Alex Ferguson - An absolute legend of the game is Sir Alex Ferguson of course I was buying his book as soon as we saw it. I have always classed Manchester United as my second team for the men's game so I have grown up watching their games and even going to some when we have had chance. Ferguson has always been one of my favourite managers and the first time around this book was a great read... I just want to read it again now to refresh myself.

Juan Mata - Liam actually treated me to this one a few months ago. Mata may be an ex Chelsea player but I really do think he is a fantastic player. He is always on of the first to mention the women's team too which is great to see as most male players still distance themselves from the women's game. I can't wait to sit down and give this a read.

Rio Ferdinand - This books is definitely outdated now, in fact I think there are two more new ones that I need to pick up. Rio is one of the first defenders I actually took notice on how they played, growing up I was more fascinated by the attacking side of the game I often overlooked defenders and how good some actually were. I have to say he is possibly still one of my all time favourite center backs. I remember reading this book years ago but again I would love to give it another read and possibly purchase the other books he has out. 

Torres -  One of the very few Liverpool players, past or present, I actually like is Fernando Torres. I think it is because at tournaments in the men's International game I would always pick to follow Spain (don't ask me why as I really don't have the answer). Torres was an absolutely fantastic player and I will admit I fancied him a bit so of course I bought his book. It was a really good read and my sister actually ended up borrowing it from me for a while (she takes after my dad by being a Chelsea fan) but I finally have it back now and no doubt will end up picking it up to read once again.

Abby Wambach - One of the first women's football books I read was Abby Wambach's autobiography and it had me hooked. Abby is a player who scored plenty of goals but as you read in the book it wasn't always easy for her, she had plenty of struggles. This is a book I would definitely read again. 

Hope Solo - Solo is the latest book I have finished and I will actually have a review going up for you very soon. Hope is definitely considered outspoken and controversy seems to have followed her a fair bit through her life but this book gives a great insight into her growing up, but more on that in the review. 

Alex Morgan - I found that this one maybe suited to younger readers (teenage years) but it was really easy reading and I basically flew through it. The book is all about Alex's life and gives tips on dealing with rejection, pressure and much more. By reading this book you really start to understand why Alex is where she is in her career to date. 

Carli Lloyd - I have actually already reviewed this book which you can read here, it was a brilliant read and gives a really good insight on how Carli became one of the world's greatest players. Give the review a read and you will see all my thoughts on the full book. 

Under the Lights and in the dark - I have already read this book twice but you know what... I love it so much I will be reading it plenty more times. I even recommend this to a lot of people on Twitter as it is a book that shouldn't be slept on. Giving insights into different leagues around the world it really shows how the female players are treated and what is expected of them, my particular favourite chapter is about Allie Long playing in the underground league.

The making of the women's world cup - I picked this up before the World Cup in 2019 and still haven't got around to reading it. I am looking forward to reading little snippets from world cups gone by. 

Eni Aluko - Another purchase by Liam, for my birthday back in September he got me a copy of Eni Aluko's book and he was lucky enough to find a signed copy for me. It seems to be a case of issues Eni spoke about took center stage and people forgot just how great of a career she had, this book was brought out before her retirement and I am actually looking forward to reading about the things she went through in her own version of events rather than the medias. 

So there you have it that is our current football book collection or at least what we can find of them. There should be plenty of book reviews coming your way in the future. Can you recommend any books we could add to this? Let us know.

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