My Current Top 5 USWNT Players

There might not be any football on at the moment, which is definitely driving me mad, but we have recently had the She Believes Cup which once again the USWNT won. But it got me thinking over the years the USWNT have had some absolutely fantastic players and there are some players that definitely stand out from the crowd but who are also overlooked sometimes as they don't get the game time they deserve. 

With the caliber of players the USWNT has and the depth of their squad it is no wonder they are such a driving force of the women's game. But here are the players that stand out for me and are currently my favourite players for the national team...

Christen Press

Christen is really starting to show her form under Vlatko and is really showing people what she is made of. Her pace is absolutely outstanding and she really gives defenders a hard time. Christen was surely going to make that Olympic roster due to her form and the fact that Alex Morgan may not have been ready to come back from her pregnancy however, with the Olympics being delayed I hope that doesn't effect her chances with Morgan surely due back by next year. Christen has really stepped up and touch the opportunities given and everyone is finally getting to see what she is capable of.

Tobin Heath

Tobin is an absolutely outstanding player. Her skills can tie defenders in knots and she is capable of setting up so many opportunities as well as scoring for herself. Tobin has bounced back from plenty of injuries but I really do believe she just gets better and better each time she bounces back as she knows there is competition for her spot and you can see she genuinely wants to give 110% to each game she plays. It is great to see Heath & Press playing together more often too as they have a great link up that really benefits the USWNT. 

Emily Sonnett

Ah Sonnett one of those players who doesn't get as much of a chance on the field but has so much potential. She has shown at club level she is a fantastic right back & centre back and I honestly don't think it will be too long until she cements herself into a USWNT starter. All it is going to take is a few retirements or injuries and she is in. Sonnett can be there for those crucial tackles to stop the opposition scoring but she can also be a bit of an attacking threat when it comes to set pieces. It wont be long until Sonnett becomes a big name just like O'Hara and Krieger as she takes over the defensive role in the future.

Kelley O'Hara

One of the best right backs in the world without a question, Kelley O'Hara has really adapted to her role in defence, looking at how well she does in the back line some people could easily forget she was once the all time scorer for Stanford University. A bit like Heath O'Hara has had her fair share of injuries with her ankle been one of the main issues, but she is still playing such a fantastic game. I am just hoping that her ankle stops giving her so much trouble so that she can continue playing for many more years as I believe she has so much more to give to the squad.

Lindsey Horan

Lindsey has really stepped up her game in the past few years and is really solidifying her place in that midfield spot. Need someone to move the ball around with ease? Get Horan. Need someone to attack a set piece? Get Horan. As an opponent the worst thing you can do is let Horan head the ball as those are lethal and will mostly likely end up in the back of the net. The best thing is Horan is showing improvement year by year, but she is also young so unless an injury happens she should be around for a long time. I really do believe in the future she is going to be a household name for the USWNT just like Carli Lloyd. 

So there you have it those are my favourite USWNT players currently who are yours? As I say the squad has such a depth that it was actually quite difficult to narrow down my favourites but these are the ones who for me stood out above the rest and deserve a lot more recognition.

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