Premier League 2020/21 Predictions

So following on from my League 2 predictions today we have my Premier League predictions. The Premier League is a league I follow closely due to my love for Manchester United, they have always been a team I have followed very closely and I would go as far as saying they are my 2nd team I follow them that much. Granted they haven't been doing that well lately but who knows this season might give them a bit more luck. 

The Premier League is full of exceptional talent and when it comes to predicting the league it is actually quite difficult as each team has different stand out points. However here is what I think the league is going to look like come the end of the season, again just remember these are just my personal opinions, everyone is going to have different opinions.

Manchester City



Manchester United







Sheffield United 



Crystal Palace


West ham 



West Brom

Aston Villa 

It really was difficult to come up with these predictions as to be honest a lot of teams have really been building up their squads in the off season, especially Chelsea which is why I think they could end up in the top 3 if those new signings really gel together. Similarly I think if the new signings for Leeds actually link up well together they could end up staying in the league at the end of the season as they really haven't held back when it comes to strengthening the team. When it comes to the bottom of the table this really was the hardest as I just can't work out how it is going to go, I really do think it could be a tight season at both ends of the table. 

Again I will do a follow up post on these predictions in January and then again at the end of the season. But who do you think are going to make up the top and bottom 3? 

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