How Do I Think The FAWSL Is Going To GO

Carrying on with the season prediction posts today we have the FASWL predictions, this post was actually written before the season begun on the 5th of September so these predictions were made before the season actually kicked off therefore is not dependant on any results that may have already happened. Remember these predictions are just my personal opinion, you may have different ones but this post is what I personally think. 

The long awaited return of the FAWSL is finally happening, after so many months away from regular action the new season finally kicks off on the 5th September and it is bound to be an exciting one. Towards the end of last season which was unfortunately cancelled early due to Covid-19, we saw some big moves to the league such as Hayley Raso, Caitlin Foord and Sam Kerr all making moves to the UK but due to the abrupt end to the season we never really got to see their potential, in fact we never really saw Raso at all due to her getting injured on International duty. However, we finally get to see those signings in action along with a lot more big names joining the league such as Sam Mewis, Rose Lavelle and much more (full post coming on that soon). This off season has definitely been excited for us WSL fans as sides have really thrown a lot into strengthening their teams and I think it is going to be fantastic for the development for the league and I think that we are really going to see a more competitive league this season which is going to be great to watch. 

So here is how I think that the league is going to be come the end of the season...


Manchester City 


Manchester United 


West Ham






Aston Villa 

Honestly thinking of the final positions of teams for this season was actually quite difficult as each team has actually strengthened their team but honestly I think even though Manchester City & Arsenal have brought in some absolutely fantastic players I think Chelsea might just end up topping the league as they have brought in some absolutely fantastic players that are just going to pip those other teams to the top spot. If Harder, Kerr and England could all play together they could run away with the league. I think Manchester United & Everton could easily be breathing down the necks of the top 3 as their new signings have been fantastic and if the teams gel together they are certainly going to put up a fight.

In terms of the opposite end of the table I honestly couldn't decide who was going to finish where however, I do think it is going to be tight down there and every point is going to end up counting towards survival. I do think though it could be Villa & Bristol down there in the bottom 2, I just think Villa might struggle for their first season and that Bristol just don't seem to have brought in enough to keep them as competitive as the rest of the league. 

Just like with the other predictions I have made recently we will check back in on these predictions in January and at the end of the season. Who do you think are going to be top 3 and bottom 3 this season?

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