League 2 20/21 Season Predictions

As the new seasons approach I will be doing prediction posts for those leagues I watch regularly and follow the most. This is just a personal opinion based on what I have seen previously, heard about in preseason you will all have your own opinions but the blog posts over the next few weeks will show mine. We will do a check in on these at the start of January and then again at the end of the season. To kick off this little prediction series we are going to be looking at how I think League 2 is going to play out. 

As a Bradford fan of course I am going following this league closer than others as it is where my team play, it is also the league I watched most last season (when it was being played). Unfortunately last season McCall didn't really have the time with the club last season due to it ending early but I think he could have really made a difference to the squad and got us back to winning ways. We have Barrow and Harrogate who were promoted up into the league with it being Harrogate's first time it is going to be intesting to see how they do. Then we have Bolton, Southend and Tranmere who were all relegated from League One, could they bounce back or are they going to stay in League 2 a little longer? Bolton have really suffered thanks to financial issues lately but can they get back on track? 

So here is how I think the league is going to finish? 



Bradford City 

Forest Green Rovers





Leyton Orient



Port Vale 













I really do think Bolton have the ability to bounce straight back up and win the league if the signings they have brought in can gel together quickly. I also think Bradford can really push for promotion with McCall in charge as we know he can get the best out of players plus the pre-season vs Huddersfield showed we had really strengthened during the off season. In terms of the bottom of the table I just think Harrogate & Barrow may struggle in the league especially coming off the back of not playing regular football before preseason, I really hope I am wrong on this one though as they are teams with quite a bit of potential. 

So there you have it that is my league 2 prediction. Who do you think will make up the top and bottom 3? 

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