Our Current Favourite Manchester United Players

This is normally a post that I like to write however, this time around it has been one I have been dreading writing up until now as Manchester United are nowhere near the standard they should be at although after Ole's departure we are seeing a bit more progress from the team and some players are suddenly starting to perform once again which is frustrating because why couldn't they just do this all along and we would be doing a lot better in the table and be in a much better position and not chasing our tails. It has actually been quite hard to pick favourite players this season thanks to the poor performances but there are a few players who have stood out to me personally and those are... 

The past few seasons I haven't really been a fan of De Gea however, he really seems to stepped up a bit this season I am not sure if that is due to the other 'keepers waiting in line or just due to him realising that the past few seasons weren't his best. He has pulled off some great saves lately and has been a key player for us this season in my eyes. It has been nice to see him step up lately and let's hope he continues to play as he is doing. 

Of course Ronaldo was going to be on this list, still to this day he is one of my all time favourite players and I am so glad he is back at the club. Even at the age he is at now he just doesn't seem to be slowing down and he is still putting in some fantastic performances. Ronaldo has saved Manchester United a fair few times this season and has clawed a few results back for them in crucial games. His ability to slot back into the Premier League has amazed me and I think he is just continuing to prove himself as the greatest in the world. 

I think an underrated player for a while now has been Mason Greenwood and as a young player I think he still has a lot to offer. Previous seasons haven't been great for him off the pitch and that carried on over to on the pitch performance in my eyes however, this season he seems to have stepped up a little bit for me and is starting to show the kind of player he is going to become. I think if he continues to be given a chance we are really going to see what Greenwood is capable of let's just hope things just keep going well for him.

So there you go it was definitely difficult to pick out the best of a bad bunch but let's hope with a new interim manager that the players start to perform as they are capable of and we finally see the club work its way back up the table. Things just haven't been good enough at the club in recent years but surely it is time for that to change now? 

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