In Conversation With Caitlyn Douglas

Here we are again back with another installment of the In Conversation series and this time we got to chat with Bradford City Women's player Caitlyn Douglas. Caitlyn plays in the midfield and is one of the players that we have seen a lot of progress from since we first saw her play but as she only stepped up to first team football last season I think it is safe to say we are still yet to see the best from Caitlyn and as she gains more experience in the first team I think she is going to be a player to watch. So here is how our conversation with Caitlyn went... 

EOTA : We have definitely seen progress in the teams performances since the start of the
season compared to the previous seasons, what do you believe has been the
difference for this to happen?

Caitlyn : The start of the season is obviously not what we wanted I don’t believe anyone is
happy with the results or performances for the majority. We’ve been focused and
working hard in training and, for us, we have to trust the process and continue that
hard work between now and the end of the season.

EOTA : Newcastle are second in the table currently how do you rate your chances of
getting a result against them? 

Caitlyn : We go into every game confident in our own ability. We know Newcastle are going to
be a good side, but we’re ready to face up to the challenge as we’ve seen the levels
we can reach (especially in the Leeds game) so there is no reason why we can’t do
this again on Sunday. We’ve had a good week in training so we’re going into Sunday
with the right mind set and ready for what Newcastle will bring.

EOTA : Out of all the games you have played in what has been your favourite?

Caitlyn : Leeds at Valley parade has to be top! The whole atmosphere among the team and
staff felt amazing that night, the occasion was one to remember. Having the
opportunity to step up to first team football last season and having the chance to play
in such a big game only 12 months later, on such a big stage, is a feeling I will never

EOTA : What was it like to get the opportunity to play in a big game vs Leeds at Valley

Caitlyn : I think I’ve answered this question above, but it really meant so much to me. I’d had
a tough start to the season and had to fight for my place in the team, which I
continue to do, and to then play in front of almost 600 people under the lights at
Valley Parade, it felt amazing. I’ve played at Bramall Lane before but never in front of
such a big crowd, you really do feed off that energy on the pitch.

EOTA : It has been a while since the last home league game, what difference if any does it
make playing at home? 

Caitlyn : It’s always nice to play at home due with the crowd being behind us and familiar
faces being around. I’ve always found it easier to have a game day routine for home
games, so I enjoy that.

EOTA :  Women's football is on the rise in the UK and with England hosting the Euros later this
year we are bound to see a lot more interest in the game. For anyone of any age
wanting to start playing what advice would you give them? 

Caitlyn : Go for it! There’s nothing to lose, the women’s game is constantly growing, there are
many clubs out there at different levels for anyone so just do what you love and enjoy it

So there you go that is how our conversation with Bradford City Women's Caitlyn Douglas went. It has been great seeing how Caitlyn has progressed so far and I think the best is still to come from her so I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season goes for Caitlyn along with the rest of the team. 

Don't forget there are plenty more interviews coming from the Bradford City Women's team & management but who else would you like to see us chat to in the 'In Conversation' series? Anyone from your supported club? Let us know as we would love to get more people & clubs involved in this series.

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