In Conversation With Charlotte Stuart

Once again we are back with another installment of the 'In Conversation' series and we have had the chance to ask Bradford City Women's player Charlotte Stuart a few question as the team build up to their first home league game in a long time. It has been a long time since we saw City in the league at Eccleshill although we have seen them at home for a few cup games in the meantime. For us Charlotte Stuart has been a standout player since we started watching the team, she always gives it her all and covers a whole lot of the pitch to help get City into some dangerous positions whilst also grabbing goals for herself in the process. So here is how our conversation with Charlotte went... 

EOTA : It has been a while since the last home league game, what difference if any does it make playing at home? 

Charlotte : Being at home certainly helps with match day routines and us knowing the pitch, and for our juniors being able to come and support. The home crowd always gives you that extra push!

EOTA : You have been a key feature in the squad this season grabbing a few goals for yourself in the process, how do you feel the season is going for the team?

Charlotte : The season has certainly had its ups and downs already and more of the downs that we would like, we certainly haven't being playing at our potential so that has been frustrating. 

EOTA : You have been at City for a while now and have worked with a fair few managers, what has it been like so far with Chris Hames in charge? 

Charlotte : I have a good relationship with Chris he's a really good guy. From the start he was keen to make the club as professional as possible and consistently looking to improve and rebuild to where we feel the team should be. 

EOTA : The team got the chance to play the big derby game vs Leeds at Valley Parade earlier this season, how did it feel playing in the same stadium as the men do? 

Charlotte : Yes it was nice to be back on the pitch, we usually have the privilege to play the last game of our season on the pitch but with the breaks due to COVID it's been a while since we have been on there. It certainly made it a good occasion and help us get the win!

EOTA : You have played in plenty of games over the years but what would you say has been your favourite? 

Charlotte : I would have to say when we first won the county cup in 2014 we had been close for a while and it was a big focus for us.

EOTA : Women's football is on the rise in the UK and with us hosting the Euros later this year we are bound to see a lot more interest in the game. For anyone of any age wanting to start playing what advice would you give them? 

Charlotte : There are so many opportunities for all ages to get involve so certainly contact your local club and they can point you in the right direction. For the youngsters I would say firstly enjoy your football and have a ball at your feet at every opportunity!!

So there you have it that was our conversation with Bradford City's Charlotte Stuart. I am really looking forward to seeing how Stuart can help City progress in the second half of this season as I believe she is going to be a key player in any progress the club do make. 

There are plenty more interviews coming from the Bradford City Women's team & management but who else would you like to see us chat to in the 'In Conversation' series? Anyone from your supported club? Let us know as we would love to get more people involved in this series.

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