Favourite League 2 Home Shirts 2021/22 Season

 With us watching most of the League 2 games at Valley Parade we actually get to see a whole lot more away shirts compared to the amount of home shirts we see throughout the season. It is safe to say League 2 has seen some great home shirts released this season but honestly I would have to say I prefer some of away shirts a whole lot more. They just seem to have been kept much simpler and have a bit of a classic feel for a lot of the teams involved in the league. I actually struggled to narrow down to just 5 favourites for this post but here is who made the cut... 


I absolutely love this Northampton away shit because as I have said previously I just absolutely love black and gold shirts. They are just nice and simple colours that work so well combined together. Hummel have come out with some fantastic shirts this season and this is up there as one of the best. I wish more clubs would give this colourway a try. 


The Northampton shirt was a favourite due to how simple it look but the Exeter City away shirt is a favourite due to how different it looks. I love the black and pink and how well they work together but what I love most is the pink design across the bottom of the shirt, it just changes it up a little bit and adds another element to what could have easily just been a simple shirt like the Northampton one. I think the colour choices also make the design work a lot better than other colours would look. 
Port Vale 

This years Port Vale shirt give me some real retro vibes and thanks to the colours it could easily be a shirt worn by Australia back in the day. I love the black and gold/yellow combination and how the gold/yellow is the more prominent colour on the shirt. The colour looks fantastic on this one too and really helps capture that retro feel. 


The Newport away shirt is more like a design I would have expected from Forest Green but again Hummel have done really well with this shirt and the different shades of blue work really well with the small amount of yellow on the shirt. The way the blues work together is great too as they form a great pattern. Even the sponsor seems to fit in really well with the rest of this shirt. 

Bradford City

Again sorry but I couldn't not include Bradford City on this list as I absolutely love their new away shirt in recent years this might have been better suited as a home shirt however, we have the brilliant retro look home shirt but we have still managed to fit a full claret and amber shirt into this seasons rotation. Avec have absolutely killed it once again with their shirts for Bradford and although I love all of this seasons options this is slowly creeping up to be my favourite. 

It is safe to say once again I am absolutely loving the shirt options we are seeing being released from clubs and it has definitely been nice to take a look at a lower league rather than just focusing on those top teams for a change. That is why I am in the process of working on a post for all the leagues I haven't already covered, as I know I am definitely missing some other fantastic shirts. What would be your favourite away shirt from League 2 this season? 

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