Bradford City Women Progress To The Next Round Of The Vitality Women's FA Cup : Bradford City Women vs Ossett United Ladies Match Report


Bradford City Women took on Ossett United Ladies in the Vitality Women's FA cup in what was bound to be an interesting game which certainly didn't disappoint us fans. With Ossett not being too far away from Bradford some would call this a bit of a derby game and to be honest at points it really felt like one. 

The game kicked off and honestly it was more or less all Bradford in the first 5 minutes or so with them moving the ball around well and getting into some great positions but they were just unable to take those chances and grab themselves a goal. Around 6 minutes into the game City did find the back of the net after some great build up play and a great ball through which eventually ended up find its way past the Ossett 'keeper unfortunately though the goal didn't stand as the linesman put his flag up for a very questionable offside call. There were quite a few questionable calls from the officials throughout the game but this one definitely impacted the game the most. 

Throughout the first half City seemed to be moving the ball around really well but unfortunately just couldn't string that final pass together to find the goal. After about 25 minutes Ossett finally seemed to settle into the game and the game ended up going from end to end. Stube managed to stop quite a few Ossett attacks in the first half with some great challenges, even though the game was end to end it was definitely City who looked the most threatening for the full 90 minutes. Ossett did have a great chance in the first half though when a shot rattled the cross bar but it did look like this opportunity came from a player in an offside position so shouldn't have progressed as far as it did in the first place. 

The first half ended 0-0 however, it could have easily held a few goals if chances had been taken by both teams. The second half picked up right where the first half ended with the game continuing to be end to end. Hames made his first change in the 50th minute with Jakeman coming off to be replaced by Hawkins so clearly attacking was in mind and a bit of an extra boost was needed on the pitch. 

Just 8 minutes after the change a lovely bit of build up play from City saw Stube eventually brought down in the area which resulted in City being awarded a penalty. Stuart stepped up to take this and buried the ball in the back of the net to make the game 1-0 to City. 

After the penalty the game really seemed to heat up a bit with some rash challenges flying in although the referee seemed to be happy to let a few of the challenges go, the full 90 minutes seemed to be very inconsistent on what was being awarded as a foul and what wasn't with some obvious calls not being given. As the game progressed more and more of these challenges were coming in and it gave City a few more chances at goal with a Roberts free kick hitting the post before being cleared away. Stuart came close to doubling the lead not long after however, a brilliant save from the Ossett 'keeper saw the ball go over the cross bar. 

City made another attacking based substitution with Prothero coming off and Lambert coming on, clearly Hames was looking for another goal to seal City's lead and he didn't have to wait much longer for this to happen. With all the harsh challenges being thrown around it was only going to be a matter of time until one was in dangerous territory for Roberts, Zoe put a brilliant ball into the box which was original saved by the Ossett 'keeper who ended up spilling the ball resulting in a tap in for Woodcock to make the game 2-0.

There were a few times where the game did look a little bit scrappy as City were slow to react to the ball and passes were just going to the opposition or an empty space I think if they could have tidied this up for the full 90 minutes City could have easily been a lot more goals up but that sometimes things just don't work right on the day and today was definitely a case of that today. 

The game ended 2-0 and City have made their way through to the next round of the Vitality Women's FA cup, I am looking forward to seeing who we draw in the next round, I think who ever it is we are going to be in for a good game because with how City are progressing as a team we are seeing them playing how they should have been playing for the past few years. 

Player of the match wise me and Liam both agree that Stuart takes this weeks honour as she played brilliantly for the full 90 minutes and never looked like giving up even after some of the knocks she took, she just seemed to be all over the pitch creating some great build up play for the team. 

Bring on the next game, this is a City team I really look forward to going to watch. 

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