Favourite League 2 Home Shirts 2021/22 Season

With me being a Bradford City fan it is safe to say we see a wide variety of shirts form the teams we face as cups bring clubs to us that we wouldn't usually see. When you look through the clubs in League 2 at the moment it is safe to say there are some great shirt options out there for the fans that are a little different to what we see from the big clubs, I feel like as leagues get lower they are a bit braver in their designs. So here are my favourite home shirts from League 2 this season... 

Sutton United

I actually really like newly promoted Sutton United's home shirt and to be honest I actually like all their shirt options this season. This yellow shirt certainly stands out and the detailing on the shoulders and neck just break it down a little bit. Then you have the lined shirt detailing which again is great and just stops the shirt from being too yellow. Even the sponsor doesn't look out of place on this shirt and seems to fit the overall design really well. 

Forest Green Rovers 

I aren't a fan of Forest Green at all however, what they are doing off the pitch can't go unrecognised with them doing their very best to be an environmentally friendly club. I love that they are offering fans bamboo shirts this season in a bid to elevate how environmentally friendly they are plus you can't go wrong with the design either really. I love the black tiger like pattern over the standout green on the shirt with the pattern being broke up by the clubs sponsor. I might not like them as a team but you really can't knock their shirts. 

Bristol Rovers 

I am not sure if it is the collar that is selling me on the shirt or the overall design but I actually really like it. The way the shirt is broke up into quarters with alternating sleeves colours looks great to me and the faint design on the shirt doesn't get too in your face, in fact it took me a few looks to see it was actually there. I love how it has been kept to just the 2 colours on the shirt and is nice and simple compared to some other clubs designs. 

Bradford City 
Of course Bradford had to make this list, this seasons home shirt is a nice change to the usual full claret and amber one, plus the fact it is inspired by the retro design just makes it that bit better in my eyes. Avec have done really well to capture the retro inspiration and have incorporated it into this design really well. I usually avoid white shirts at all costs but I absolutely love this one and it just looks great on the field and in the stands. 

There you go those are my favourite home shirts for the seasons League 2 campaign, it is safe to say the lower league has definitely provided us with some great options and check back next week to see which teams made the favourite away shirt cut, that was definitely a bit harder to narrow down. I definitely prefer the lower league kits at the moment as they seem to be braver without taking it too far lately which is brilliant to see and the fans seem to love what they are given too. 

What is your favourite League 2 home shirt this season? 

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