The England Euro 2020 Squad Selection


Finally Gareth Southgate has announced the squad he is taking to the long awaited Euro's. I think there was always going to be some disappointment from fans due to names left out but I think overall we are going into the tournament with a pretty strong squad as long as those selected can stay injury free. I have to say I am disappointed that Lingard has been left out as I think his form during his loan spell at West Ham should have guaranteed his name on the squad list but clearly Southgate thought differently. I am also a little disappointed that Ward-Prowse didn't make the cut too as I think he could have really benefited us in those dead ball situations. When you look at the image above it is clear to see our defense is stacked with us taking a total of 4 right backs to the tournament but could we have freed up one of those spaces to add to our midfield or an extra forward? I guess we are going to see how Southgate puts these players together throughout the tournament but with the quality among the squad if we don't get results I think it will be Southgate's head everyone is calling for when the tournament has ended. 

So here is the squad and what I personally think to each selection... 


Dean Henderson - Dean Henderson has really impressed me lately and honestly he would be my number 1 choice for Manchester United, it is going to be interesting to see him play in a big competition like the Euros if he gets the chance to get some minutes under his belt. I think he could really surprise some people and possibly cement his place in the Manchester United squad for the future if he performs well. 

Sam Johnstone - I think it is safe to say Johnstone is going to be the 3rd choice goalkeeper but I think if he does get any minutes he will be playing to show his worth after West Brom's recent relegation. I would say on this occasion Southgate has definitely made the right choice on his third goalkeeper with injury keeping Nick Pope out of the mix.

Jordan Pickford - I actually really like Pickford and I think this tournament is one for him to really prove himself to the doubters. I might be a bit biased after seeing him play for Bradford City back in the day but he is definitely one of the best English goalkeepers out there today. It is going to be interesting to see if Pickford or Henderson end up being first choice but I think Pickford might just get there and hopefully pull off some great performances. 


Trent Alexander- Arnold - I don't know what it is about Alexander-Arnold but I just aren't keen on him and I am glad we have a few other options for right back as I just don't think he is ready for the pressure of a big tournament like this just yet. He just hasn't been up to scratch for me this season and honestly I think he is going to need to play at 120% if he gets any minutes.

Ben Chillwell - I have always had mixed thoughts on Chillwell as I think he was better at Leicester than he is at Chelsea although towards the end of the season he started to surprise me and I actually started to change my mind on him. would he be the left back I would pick for the majority of games? I don't think so but he can definitely step up when needed and provide a great benefit to the team both attacking and defending. 

Conor Coady - One thing with England is that they have a good selection of central defenders it is just if the pairing they opt for can work together to produce some solid performances. I aren't sure how many minutes Coady is going to get to be honest but with Maguire just returning from injury I think he could end up being called on more than he expected. 

Reece James - I actually really like Reece James and have to say he has really stepped up and proved his worth this season. As long as he can stay fully fit I think he could really benefit us this tournament, even if he only gets a few minutes under his belt at least he will have some big tournament experience under his belt ready for the plenty of other big tournaments he has in the future due to him only being 21. I think if it was a choice between him and Alexander-Arnold it would have to be Reece James for me. 

Harry Maguire - It is good to see Maguire able to get to the tournament after his recent injury meant he missed out on Manchester United's Europa League final. I hope he is back fully fit and stays injury free as he is going to be key in the backline for England. To be honest at the end of last season and the start of this one I wasn't really a fan of his but as the season progressed I saw he is actually a pretty good defender and I capable of pulling of some great performances, he can also provide a target man for corners and set pieces too which is great. 

Tyrone Mings - Mings is definitely and under rated player due to playing at Aston Villa. I think if he playing in a top 5 club his name would be everywhere but due to being at Villa I think he is definitely over looked. It is going to be interesting to see how many minutes he gets throughout the tournament but I think he is capable of putting in a big performance when he does. 

Luke Shaw - After the season he has just had for me Luke Shaw would be one of the first names on every team sheet for the upcoming games. He really has silenced the doubters and has shown us all what he is capable of. Shaw can provide us with an attacking threat and his speed helps him get back and defend easily too. The only issue is we all know how easily he gets injured so let's hope he can stay injury free for the whole tournament as he could really help England out this time around. 

John Stones - I think the main pairing for the tournament is going to be Maguire & Stones if they can both stay injury free and I think it could be the start of a great pairing for the country as they both have a lot of potential. I have always quite liked Stones as a player so I am looking forward to seeing how he does in the Euros. 

Kieran Trippier - Trippier for me is another under rated player in my opinion and I am hoping he gets plenty of minutes under his belt in the Euros. Not only can he get us in some good attacking positions but he can also prove vital in free kick situations as we have seen with him various times before. Out of the 4 right backs we are taking he is definitely the one I would prefer to watch as I think he brings more to the table than the others. 

Kyle Walker - Put Walker in a Manchester City shirt and I think he is a great player but I really do think he under performs when he is in an England shirt. I think out of the 4 right backs we are taking he would be 2nd choice just due to experience level but honestly he just doesn't impress me playing for England. 


Jude Bellingham - Bellingham is a player who has really hit the ground running and I am so glad that Southgate has put his faith in him as I think we could get some really good performances from him if he gets on the pitch. He is still only a young player too so it is going to be nice to see how he progresses over the years and how he does perform in his first major senior competition, it will definitely be an eye opener I think but one he is up to. 

Jordan Henderson - I still can't get my head around this one due to how injury prone he has been. With such a small midfield as it is I can't quite get my head around why we are risking it. If he is fully recovered and can stay injury free then that is great but I think it could just end up being a risky situation.  

Mason Mount - Mount is a player who has really impressed me lately. To say he is such a young player he plays really well and seems to be very knowledgeable about game scenarios, I think he could easily be one of the standout players for England if we don't put too much pressure on him like we have done with other youngsters in the past. 

Kalvin Phillips - Another player who I can't quite make my mind up on is Phillips and to be honest I am not sure what he is going to be like in the Euros. I think a lot of people have built him up just like they did Sterling in 2018 and hopefully if he gets on the pitch which he most likely will this pressure doesn't go to his head and he keeps his cool and put some great performances in. But until I see him in big tournament action I am on the fence about him.

Declan Rice - Another player who has really surprised me recently is Rice. I honestly thought he would have left Villa by now to get a bigger opportunity or to break into the England squad but he has proved to everyone if you play well it doesn't matter who you play for really. He didn't need the likes of a top 6 team to get him into the Euro squad as he just impressed by playing good football for Villa. I am looking forward to seeing him play in the competition. 


Dominic Calvert-Lewin - Calvert-Lewin is another player who has impressed me this past season and again goes to show you don't have to be in a top 6 team to break into the England squad. I aren't sure how much game time he is going to get when you look at the rest of our forwards but I really do hope he gets some minutes under his belt to show us all what he is capable. At just 24 years old I think this is just one of many competition squads we could be seeing him in as he is full of potential. 

Phil Foden - Foden is a player who can be a big benefit to us if he steps up to the occasion but I am definitely worried that pressure will be put on him due to his performances at Manchester City and he will end up getting grief if he doesn't perform as well in an England shirt. If he can link up well with the midfield and other forwards I think he could provide a real threat. 

Jack Grealish - Just like with Rice and Mings Grealish has gone to prove that you don't have to be in a big team to gain success through making the England squad. I am really impressed by how Grealish stuck with Villa instead of chasing a big money move and honestly it has paid of for him as he's played his way to success and not just been a benchwarmer at a top 6 club which could have easily happened. Grealish always seems to be fouled in dangerous areas which could benefit us a lot but he is also great at reading play and creating great movement. 

Harry Kane - Kane can bring us the goals we needed as long as he stays fit and isn't distracted by the rumours in the summer transfer window. I think if he just gets his head down and plays like he has done he could end up picking up another golden boot especially with the players he has around him. Let's job hope he can stay injury free for the tournament too as he is going to be a very valuable player. 

Marcus Rashford - Rashford is one of those forwards who can get into some great positions for the team and also do some defending when needed. If we can keep him fully fit I think him and Kane could end up linking up well together and bring us the results we want. He has been in the spotlight a fair bit this season but let's hope he can keep his head down and do the job at hand without the nation expecting a miracle from just one name. 

Bukayo Saka - Saka is really starting to make a name for himself and it is great to see him doing well but I honestly aren't sure how many minutes he is going to get if the rest of the forwards are fit and playing well. I think just making the squad will be a great experience for him though and any minutes he gets will be a lesson for him ready for the future as I don't think this is going to be his only big tournament opportunity. 

Jadon Sancho - Sancho just like Bellingham is another player making a name for himself in the Bundesliga and he is really becoming a big name player even at just 21 years old. If played with the right players I think that Sancho could be a real threat throughout the tournament and really threaten the opposition. I really hope we get to see him at his best throughout the competition as  I think we are going to be in for a treat.

Raheem Sterling - I honestly believe that in 2018 the nation put far too much pressure on Sterling and it really effected his performance and we didn't see the best of him. I just hope that this time around that pressure is lifted and we see the Sterling we see when he has a Manchester City shirt on. He could very easily show everyone what he is actually capable on in a competition and silence those still hung up on 2018. If he just gets his head down and plays I think he is going to be a great asset to the team.

So that is our thoughts on the squad selection, let's hope Southgate can get them playing together and winning games. I think we could stand a pretty good chance this tournament if we play to our strengths but only time will tell. What do you think to the squad selection? Anyone you would change to boost our chances?

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