It's A Bit Late But How Do I See The NWSL Finishing

We are now a good few weeks into the current NWSL season and I honestly totally forgot about my predictions post. These early stages of the season we have seen some shock results and who would have thought that after 4 weeks Orlando Pride would be top of the league? After previous seasons you wouldn't have thought they would have had the start they have and it is great to see the progress the club have made. After week 4 North Carolina Courage are sat in the bottom half of the table and after how dominating they have been in recent years who would have thought they would be struggling? 

Teams have seen a lot of movement with some players heading overseas and others being traded to other teams in the league and I honestly think this is playing a big part on how things are going in the league because 2020 saw a lot of movement, in fact more than I have seen in the NWSL for a long time so for most teams it has been all change in the squads meaning players are with people they may never have played with before. I think a lot of teams are going to take some time to gel with how each other play before they can really hit the ground running and who knows for some teams it might take almost the whole season due to breaks and the Olympics which will mean key players coming and going.  

This year has also seen the addition of a totally new team Racing Louisville so they are going to need some time to get used to playing together as a team and find their feet in a league that has been set in its way for so long. Could they cause a surprise though and bring in some brilliant results as their team goes from strength to strength, the addition of Nadim & Ebony Salmon could very easily bring in the goals for the club. We are also seeing Kansas City back in the league due to Utah Royal being no more. Kansas have a few of the Utah players still on their books so are more than capable of picking up the results but for some reason they just aren't managing to get them yet. So after the first few weeks of games here is how I think the table is going to look at the end of the season... 

1) Portland Thorns

2) Orlando Pride 

3) Gotham 

4) Houston Dash

5) Washington Spirit

6) Chicago Red Stars 

7) OL Reign

8) North Carolina Courage 

9) Racing Louisville

10) Kansas City 

I think that when the Olympics is played we are going to see just who has the most depth in their squad as some teams are going to lose a lot of their big named stars for the tournament so for a month it is going to be down to the younger players to keep bringing in the results. I really do think this is where we are going to see the table change the most if it is going to change at all. Pride are currently top of the table but I think they are going to just miss out on that top spot to the Thorns but I really do think it is going to be a close call on who does eventually get that top spot. Gotham seem to be doing really well this season too so I think they are going to keep up the pace and end up in the third spot. In terms of the middle of the table I think we are going to see it finishing with the teams on very similar points with no real break away team  as they all just seem so well matched to each other this season. Unfortunately though I think that the bottom two is going to end up between Racing Louisville and Kansas City as those two teams just don't seem to be hitting the ground running at all. It is what I expected to see really though with them being the 2 new teams in the league so they are still finding their feet but I think Louisville are going to finish just above the bottom place which I think will be filled by Kansas City. 

I am really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out as I think us fans are going to be in for a real treat. Remember you can keep up to date with the results on the blog during our weekly round up and there will be a lot more NWSL content coming up very soon. Who do you think is going to be at the top of the table at the end of the season? 

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