Updated Shirt Collection At The Start Of 2021

Since my last football shirt collection posts it is safe to say I have purchased or received a few more shirts than I expected. Some I have purchased myself, some I have received as gifts and others have been giving to me my mum from her collection. There is definitely a nice mixture of clubs and a few national team shirts within this post and to be honest it is nice to see how much of a mix there is. So here are the shirts I have picked up since my previous post...

Liam got me this long sleeved Rangers 2019/20 shirt for Christmas and I absolutely love it. This is actually my first long sleeved shirt and what a start with my first Rangers shirt. I have wanted a Rangers shirt for a long time now and this one ticks all the boxes, it is such a simple shirt but I love it, the quality is brilliant too.

For Christmas my parents got me this Score Draw 1982 England shirt. I don't know what it is about this shirt but it is one of my favourite England ones. This Score Draw replica shirt is fantastic and is great quality, I know I will never have the original of this shirt but the Score Draw one really makes up for that. 

You just cant beat a shirt with a collar so when I found my mum's 2001/03 Bradford City shirt I chanced it a bit and asked if I could have it and now it is nicely stored in my collection. I am so glad my mum kept hold of this one as it is definitely one of my favourites with minimal writing on it there is just the central badge and the sponsor so it is kept nice and basic. 

My mum had also kept hold of my 1999/2001 shirt  which I am really grateful for as even though it is never going to fit me again it is a really nice shirt to have that has plenty of memories behind it. The thing I love most about this one though is the collar with Bantams on it I absolutely love this. 

Whilst we were up in the loft we also found mine and my mum's 2001/03 away shirt and my matching one. I love how she kept hold of both and to have them both in my collection is fantastic. Plus my mum's actually fits me so I can go back and wear it if I want too. 

We also managed to find my Manchester United 2008/09 40th anniversary shirt whilst we were in the loft. This is one of my favourite Manchester United shirts due to it being to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1968 European cup victory against Benfica. I have the programme from this game and my grandparents also got me this shirt with Best 7 on the back which for me makes it that bit more special for me.  

Over on Twitter I managed to win a charity auction for the Lionesses 2019 World Cup shirt. I couldn't bring myself to pay full price for this shirt when it came out but I really wanted to add it to my collection so when the auction came up i started bidding straight away and won it. The details on this shirt are absolutely amazing and Nike did a great job for the Lionesses first shirt away from the men's team. I hope they do something like this for the Euros and the next Women's world cup too. 

I have quite a few FIFA shirts in my collection so when FIFA 21 was released I had to pick this one up too as I absolutely love the design on it. 

It is actually quite rare that I love England shirts and want to pay full price for one but the 2020/21 shirt is definitely an exception from that as once I saw it was available I knew I was getting it as soon as possible. I love the blue and red with the detailing in the print of the shirt which is just fantastic like with the Lionesses shirt. Plus it has a collar which makes it a 10/10 for me. 

Leanne over on Twitter got in touch with me to see if I was interested in any of the items she was selling I couldn't turn down this signed Carli Lloyd shirt. I am still upset that I never got to see Lloyd play at Man City when she was over here but this shirt is going straight into the hallway with my other special shirts, I love it.

Finally we have this Copa replica Juventus 1992 shirt which surprise surprise has a collar. I don't usually bother with replica's like this as they aren't authentic however, I wasn't leaving this one. I love the shirt with the classic Juventus stripes and the sponsor blending with the stripes instead of being too much of a distraction. This is a really good take on the original Kappa shirt. 

I seem to have received a lot of new shirts but I can only see my collection growing even more throughout this year and beyond so I will keep doing these update posts as more come in. What shirt would you like most out of this post? I can't decide my favourite. 

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