My Favourite Pieces Of Football Memorabilia

Over the years I have added quite a bit of football memorabilia into my collection, especially since moving out I have added a fair but however, I have also managed to save some bits from whilst I was growing up too which I am very grateful for. It was rare that I ever got rid of my shirts and I would also pick up bits from attending games, online events and I would also receive things as gifts from family. As I have got older my love for the sport has only grown so I have added more and more pieces to my collection, especially since earning my own money and since moving into our own home we have added more to create a football theme around the house which is only getting better and better with every piece we add. With every addition though it seems to bring a new favourite however, there are some items that are solid favourites and these are...

Signed Bradford City Training Shirt

This was a gift from my parents at Christmas a few years ago and it is one of my most prized possessions. This training (warm up shirt) is signed by the Bradford City 18/19 squad and is printed with Darby 2 printed on the back. Stephen Darby is one of my all time favourite City players and I think he always will be so to have this shirt and know that the money went to the Darby Rimmer MND foundation which is a fantastic cause. I really wanted one of these and kept hinting to the family and honestly I don't know how they managed to keep it a surprise until Christmas day, now it is hung proudly at the top of the stairs for everyone to see. 

Lucy Bronze Shirt

It is quite funny that this is actually on the list as the Manchester City shirt was actually purchased for just £4 at our nearest Nike outlet years ago, I never intended to get it printed but a few weeks later I changed my mind and ended up getting Bronze 2 printed on the back from our local DW Sports store. A few weeks later Bradford City Women were having an event which was a Q&A with Lucy and you got to meet her too so of course we ended up with tickets and I took my shirt along to be signed. Now this is hung next to my Darby shirt at the top of the stairs and I don't plan on moving it anytime soon unless it is to get it framed. 

Keyring From Fiorentina 

When I was younger my dad worked as a steward at Bradford City so me and my mum went to plenty of games. One of my favourite moments growing up though was when we went to see Bradford City vs Fiorentina back in 2000. I was only 5/6 at this point and whilst waiting for my dad after the game we ended up meeting the Fiorentina players and they were fantastic they gave us merchandise and even food that they had left over from after the game, they were just lovely and it is an interaction I will always remember. I still have the keyring they gave us that day and even though it is an item that doesn't even say Fiorentina on it, the keyring will always remind me of that day and those interactions. It is thanks to this Fiorentina are one of my favourite teams abroad too they definitely left a lasting impression. 

Bradford City Captains Armband

This armband was actually a present for Liam but I guess seen as we live together now it is something in my collection too or at least that was the aim when buying it. I purchased this armband which is signed by James Vaughan from the Bradford City Christmas market back in 2019 and honestly I only got this due to running out of ideas of what to get Liam for Christmas that year. I am so glad I did though as Vaughan ended up going out of loan so was no longer our captain plus it is from the season that was never completed for the club so I guess you could say it is a little memory from a moment in history. I would love to add more things like this into our collection too over time as the presentation from the club in displaying this is fantastic and it looks great hung on our wall. 

Manchester United vs Benfica Programme from 1968

This was a gift from my grandparents for my 16th or 18th birthday and I love it. Unfortunately though at the moment this programme is round at my parents being kept safe until our house is fully redecorated as this is so old I don't want to risk it getting damaged after me looking after it so long, plus I don't want to store it somewhere in the house where I may end up misplacing it. They actually got me this programme from a flea market at a town local too us and it is the original from the game. For years I had this proudly on display in my room as it is a little piece of Manchester United history and as soon as the house is fully redecorated I will have this on display with the rest of our football items. 

My 1st Bradford City Shirt

This could very easily be my overall favourite from this post as it is one of the very first football items I owned and it is even signed making it even more special. I am so glad my parents kept hold of this one for me and that I still have it today as it is definitely one of those items where you just look back and think 'well I guess this is where it all began'. I think once the hallway is redecorated this might also end up being framed and hung up in the hallway/ staircase with the rest of our football items as it is that special.

So those are my favourite pieces of football memorabilia that I have got over the years, I know that I will be continuing to buy pieces for years to come and no doubt our house will be over run with pieces soon enough but this is definitely something I love as there are some great pieces out there to be purchased. What is your favourite piece of footballing memorabilia that you own?   

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