Boots That I Would Love To Own

One thing I have really got back into lately is football boots, I think it is because I have started looking at reviewing them on here (plenty coming this year) but also because I really love the designs companies are coming out with lately and it is even helping me discover some from a brand I wouldn't have tried in the past. So here are the boots I would love to pick up...


I have never bothered with New Balance before but for some reason I really like the New Balance Tekela V3's. To be honest I feel like they look like something Nike would make. For me though what I really like is the black boot with the orange that isn't too in your face. The bit of orange just makes them stand out without being too standout like some boots brands are bringing out. 

The Puma x BALR boots just look like a nice classic pair of boots and fit with the rest of the collaboration nicely. I love the black and silver colourway as they just look nice a simple however the details are there and noticeable without taking away from the simplicity of the boot. The boots have the netfit for the laces and a knitted upper for a supportive fit. I would love to see how the GripControl layer works on these boots too. 

Another pair of boots that I would love to own from Puma are the Ultra 1.1's especially in the black & luminous pink colourway. These ones have a woven upper with aramid &  carbon fibre which is meant to help with forward motion, this is why they are worn by the likes Lukaku, Nikita Parris & Aguero. You definitely wouldn't be missed on the pitch wearing this colourway. 

The Adidas Eternal Class 1 Predator Absolutes are a retro classic but they come with a very high price tag too at £300. The Predators are a classic boot and have been brought back in this limited edition model.  With the lacing and fold over tongue of the 2006 classic Predator absolute they are on the sole plate of the Predator Mutator +, these boots just look far too good. 

I think there is a bit of a theme with the colourways I am loving lately as this is yet another black and pink colourway. The Adidas Predators are one of those boots I always used to skip past but for some reason lately I am just getting more and more tempted by them. I have never owned a lace less pair of boots either so it would definitely be nice to have these as my first pair. They also have the ankle sock to improve stability which is something that is definitely an essential especially if you have weak ankles like me. 

For so long Nike were my go to brand for football boots and to be honest I wasn't a fan of wearing anything other than Nike but lately I haven't been impressed with some of their offerings however, after a quick scroll on the Nike website I found one pair I loved which is the Phantom GT Elite By Lucy Bronze. These custom boots just look fantastic with the gold color on the flyknit material and the tough text on the outside of the boot they are a great looking pair of boots. But the best part about these is you can customize them to say what you like, you can have them low cut or add a dynamic collar, there are plenty of customization you can make to these to really make them your own or you can just stick to the Lucy Bronze ones. 

There are definitely some fantastic boots out there at the moment but I think Adidas and Puma are producing the best ones and I could probably have done posts on just them with about 10 pairs from each brand as they are that good. 

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