My Current Favourite Premier League Players

I used to absolutely love weekends and evenings sat in front of the TV watching the Premier league, but then I fell back in love with the lower leagues thanks to Bradford City and with the recent introduction of VAR I feel as though some times it can be hard work watching the top flight of the English game. I had enough waiting around for goal confirmations in the Women's World Cup I don't need it every week. Plus my weekends now usually consist of me being at the Bradford City men's or women's games and by the time I have got home I end up just putting YouTube on. I have watched quite a few games this season just nowhere near as many as I would have liked to, but when I have watched them there has been some definite stand out players for me. So here are my current favourite Premier League players...

Virgil Van Dijk 
He might be a Liverpool player but WOW what a player Van Dijk is. Liverpool definitely got a bargain when they signed him. The thing I love about Virgil is that he is consistent, some defenders have a couple of good games but then a few bad ones, whereas with Virgil bad games very rarely happen. Not only is he solid in defence but he is a threat when attacking too especially at corners, his height definitely helps him tower over the opposition but his ability to read the play certainly benefits him too.

Jamie Vardy
Vardy is having another great season minus the injuries. Vardy is a play who can read the game really well and can time his runs to perfection, he is definitely a big part of why Leicester are where they are currently in the league. I love how he has stayed at Leicester too where some players such as Mahrez, Drinkwater & Kante all moved onto the big name clubs, Vardy seems to have made the right choice and stuck with Leicester. If he comes back fighting fit from this latest injury he will definitely continue making an impact and will score plenty more goals.

Mason Greenwood 
Greenwood has been handed the chance to make a name for himself this season at United with the amount of injuries that have occurred to the other forwards & the recent poor form. The best thing is he has stepped up and taken the opportunity given to him. Yes he may only currently have 4 goals to his name but he gets the goals when United really need them along with doing really well in the build up play too. If he can stay free of any major injuries then he has the potential for becoming a big household name. 

Aymeric La Porte 
Unfortunately La Porte has spent a lot of time out injured this season and to be honest I think that has resulted in Man City's poor form. The center back was surely set to become Kompany's permanent replacement and would have really strengthened the defence for City but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be as he got injured. Hopefully he will come back stronger than ever and help City get back to a strong defence like we have been used to for the past few years. If he can bounce back from this injury he will easily win back his starting spot.

Tammy Abraham
Another youngster who is really proving himself this season. Abraham is really excelling under Frank Lampard's management and has even bagged himself 13 goals so far this season. Unfortunately he has picked up a knock at the moment but I am sure he will soon bounce back and hopefully continue his form. With the progress he has made at Chelsea already he is definitely one to watch over the next few seasons, let's just hope that if Chelsea bring anyone new in he doesn't become out of favour.

I really do hope that someday soon I can fall back in love with the league and actually enjoy it once more. Fingers crossed I can get watching more games too as it would be nice just to sit in front of the TV, in the nice warm house watching my favourite game. 

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