Favourite NWSL Shirts From Last Season

Last season saw some absolutely brilliant shirts released for the NWSL each giving the clubs their own standout pieces. They also seemed to get some pretty good reactions from fans around the world too. 
From the 9 teams kits I have picked out my personal top 5 so here we go...

The Orlando pride home kit was absolutely brilliant last season, inspired by Lake Eola the 'Reflection' jersey is definitely different to other teams in the league. The way the purple is lighter to show the ripples in the lake looks fantastic and having that local element incorporate is brilliant. Team this up with the blue sleeves it is one very good looking shirt.

Next up we have the Pride secondary kit also known as the 'Eola Energy' jersey. A white shirt with an amazing purple pattern to keep in with the Orlando colours. I love this shirt although I think if you look at it for too long it might send your eyes a bit funny. The design is really well worked though showing that reference back to Lake Eola.

I love the orange of the Houston Dash as it really stands out but the main reason I like this shirt is because it has no sponsor. Having no sponsor means the shirt is left to speak for itself and thanks to the vibrant orange it does as it stands out. The blank space on the shirt also helps it stand out too as some people would honestly sit and question why the space hasn't been used by a sponsor to bring in more money for both the club & sponsor company.

The Utah Royals second shirt was brilliant last year, keeping it simple in a white shirt with the teams gold accents subtly incorporated as small stripes and a neck detail. But the best part about this shirt is the crown detailing between every alternate section created by the gold lines. It really kept in with the Royals theme. The crowns are in a silvery/gold colour so they stand out without breaking the simplicity of the shirts colours. I think if the crowns were in any other colour then the shirt would have looked awful but with this done the way it is the shirt looks absolutely brilliant.

Finally we have the Portland Thorns home jersey, according to the Thorns this jersey is inspired by the Portland flag framing red smoke and the design looks absolutely fantastic. It even has an interlocking rose stem on the back neck tape just to add that Rose City element to the shirt. I love the way the red and black fill the full shirt and captures the Thorns regular red colour, it was definitely one of the shirts on the top of my list to get last season, lets hope next seasons is just as good. An honourable mention also goes to the Thorns 2nd shirt which is just a nice simple white shirt with a red Nike swoosh & Thorns badge, it's not often you seen simple white shirts like this now a days.

I wish these shirts were easier to get in the UK as I would love to add some of these to my shirt collection (that post is coming very soon). I can't wait to see what this season is going to bring in terms of the new kits, fingers crossed there are some good ones.

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