A Few Current Favourite WSL Players

The FAWSL is a league that I love to watch and with the FAPlayer now making it easier to watch games I am watching more than I ever have. Watching the games certain players really stand out and don't actually get the recognition they deserve so here are just a few of my current favourite players from the league...

Jill Scott

I still think Jill is such an underrated player, she doesn't get anywhere near the recognition she deserves. The Man City midfielder always seems to put in a shift when she is on the field as not only is she brilliant on the attack but she is a player who will always challenge for the ball and if she loses it she makes sure she tries her hardest to win it back. She always seems to be in the mix of things.

Lauren Hemp

Lauren Hemp is a youngster with a brilliant future ahead of her as long as she can avoid any serious injuries. when we went to see Man City vs West Ham earlier in the season she had a fantastic game and made some fantastic runs down the wing finding plenty of space. Give it a few more years and I really do believe she could become a household name for the women's game here in England.

Leah Galton

Leah Galton has played in the States & in Germany and is currently playing for newly promoted Man Utd where she is definitely becoming a stand out for the side. With her attacking runs, brilliant crosses and ability to score goals. I have to say I believe Galton could easily be my favourite United player.

Vivianne Miedema 

To me Miedema is one of the most underrated players in the league at the moment for some reason when it comes to the big awards she is overlooked, such as at the best awards she should have been in that top 3, same with the Ballon d'Or she should have won it in my eyes or at least come in the top 2. Miedema is only 23 years old and is already breaking records for the fun of it so imagine what she is going to be able to achieve in a few years with even more experience. She is really beneficial to Arsenal in their title fight and is just overall an amazing player who definitely needs more recognition.  

Don't worry if your favourites aren't on this list as there will be a follow up to this post with even more of my favourites who didn't quite make today's list as there were quite a few. Who are a few of your current favourites?

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