Current Favourite Bradford City Players

It is safe to say last season I didn't exactly have a favourite Bradford City player, how could I when they were all so poor and looking so defeated all the time. No players gave me hope during the games and at times I actually dreaded going to watch them but of course I still did. But with Bowyer having the transfer market to make the changes he needed something seems to be clicking and we have a team again & have even gone back to winning those 3 points. Not only has he brought in some great new players but he also has those left from last season (not many) actually playing to their strengths and winning games. Which is why on this list of my favourites so far this season you will see a mix of old and new faces. So here we go these are my current favourite Bradford City players...

Richard O'Donnell

To me O'Donnell didn't have the best season last season but when you think back I believe a lot of the blame for that could be down to the defence he had in front of him, they just kept putting him in impossible situations. So far this season though he looks like a different keeper, he is pulling off some fantastic saves and even looks to have his back line under control.

Ben Richards-Everton

One of the new boys that Bowyer brought in was Ben Richards-Everton and what a brilliant signing he is. Here at Edge of the Area we have been saying how he has the potential to be a future captain. He really gets the back line working together and is also good when running forward getting the team further down field. It is nice to see us with a centre back who knows what they need to do for a change, we don't seem to have had one of those for a while. 

Connor Wood

Somewhat of an underrated player for City recently has been Connor Wood, now Chicksen has gone he is finally getting the playing time he deserves and only seems to be developing into a better and stronger individual under Bowyer. It is so nice to finally have a player who can put in a decent cross and set piece when needed it is something we have lacked in recent years. Plus he can get forward into dangerous positions as well as getting back and putting in some really good tackles.

Zeli Ismail 

Zeli Ismail is another player that Bowyer has brought in and to be honest I am impressed (if we forget about that Bradford Park Avenue friendly), Zeli has the ability to really drive at the opposition defence which again is something we have been really missing out on in recent years. He isn't afraid to go one vs one with the defenders and flies down the wing putting City in some very promising positions.

Hope Akpan

Hope gets a lot of grief especially on-line which I really don't understand as I do think he is coming into his own lately and is having a good season so far. Not only is he doing well in midfield creating play and helping distribute the ball well and winning tackles when needed he is also grabbing himself some goals. Fingers crossed he scores quite a few more before the season is over and people start to see what an asset he actually is to the team.

Harry Pritchard

Finally we have Pritchard, a player I am glad we have bought and not just loaned. Harry has been fantastic so far scoring a brilliant goal and helping in the build up to others. He is 27 years old and already possesses plenty of knowledge of the EFL which can only help him further his career and help City back to winning ways. He did take a knock the other week though, lets just hope this doesn't effect him too much on his return. 

So there you have it those are my current favourites, keep an eye on the site though as when it comes to the end of the season we will be revisiting this post to see if there are any changes to this list will it stay the same or are other players going to hit their stride and knock some of these off the list?

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