Our favourite FAWSL players of the 2021/22 season

I really don't know where this season has gone, we seem to have blinked and we are at the end. It is safe to say it has been a great season in the FAWSL this time around as for a change we don't seem to have just the one team running away with the league and it has felt like such change having it much more competitive. We have seen teams put in surprise performances and we have seen some teams who are usually flying struggle to hit the ground running before finally finding their footing to push for a Champions League spot. It has definitely been interesting in terms of teams changing and surprising us all however, there have definitely been some players who have stood out individually too and here are my favourite players from the 2021/22 FAWSL season...

Alessia Russo 

Russo has really made a name for herself this season in my eyes and I think she has definitely helped Manchester United in their push for that final Champions League spot this season and we have seen her get herself on the International scene with England too. With Russo still only being a young player I think we are only going to see her get better and better in future seasons and she is definitely a player to keep an eye on.

Alex Greenwood 

Greenwood has always been a player I have enjoyed watching play however, this season she has definitely caught my eye even more due to Manchester City's defensive issues especially at the start of the season. It is no secret the team have struggled in this area with injuries and inconsistencies however, Greenwood has been there to step up and put in some great performances and stop some promising attacks from the opposition. She has stood out as both a central defensive player and on the left. I am hoping we get to see Greenwood in the Euros as I think she could play a big part in England's progression. 

Millie Bright

Bright has impressed me for a fair few seasons now for a variety of reasons. She has really stood out defensively at Chelsea and puts in some great challenges but this season we have seen just how good she is at attacking and creating attacks too. Bright is a staple in the Chelsea defensive line up and again I am hoping she carries her form through into the Euros as she could create a big difference in that back line. In my eyes Bright is just a no nonsense defender that you don't get enough of these days. 

Lauren Hemp 

Hemp is a young player who has impressed me for a while now as she really did come bursting onto the scene at Manchester City. Hemp is a fantastic player for her age and over the years if she stays major injury free I can only see her getting better and better. Her pace and skill down the wing has help Man City getting into some fantastic positions and she has also grabbed herself some goals in the process showing she can not only create the opportunity when needed but also finish the job off herself to give the team goals when required. 

Leah Williamson 

Williamson is finally getting the recognition she deserves. For years she has been a fantastic solid defender at Arsenal and recently we have really seen her step up at International level, enough to see her named as England's captain for the upcoming Euros which just goes to show how far she has come these past few seasons. Even with injuries Williamson has bounced back to put in some very solid performances and I think we are still to see the best out of her as she gets given more of a chance to show what she is capable of. 

Ella Toone 

Toone is another very young player who has stood out this season as she has had a fantastic season at Manchester United and has really made a name for herself this season. A lot of people already had a feeling Toone was going to develop into a great play however, I think this season has just gone to show how much she is progressing and just what we can see from her in the future. I think next season she could be a big part of Manchester United's push to improve on this seasons final table position. 

Looking back at this post now I am noticing that all the players that have impressed me the most are English so fingers crossed that is a good sign that these players are going to continue impressing me at the Euros (if picked) as if they play like they have all season I think we could see them help England get quite far in the competition. I definitely didn't watch half as much of the FAWSL as I wanted due to schedule clashes with the Bradford City men's & women's team plus why do TV games seem to always focus on the same teams? 

Fingers crossed next season I can watch a lot more games and I think there could be some transfers that lead to new players to keep a close eye on throughout the course of the 2022/23 season plus there will be plenty of players returning from long term injuries who are bound to make an impact for their teams. 

Who were some of your favourite players for the 2021/22 FAWSL season? 

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