The Standout FAWSL Players To Me So Far This Season...

We are well into the FAWSL season now and I will be honest I am enjoying this season much more than I have others and I think that is simply down to how competitive it has been. There are no clear winners anymore and upsets have certainly been created so far and I think there could still be plenty to come. It is nice to have a season where one team isn't running away with the league and are miles ahead of the other teams, it is definitely going to be close to call and we are seeing some teams who have previously struggled really make an impact and get into some good positions in the table, Tottenham are just one great example of this as they are sitting in the top half of the table so far and have played some good football. Granted some of the bigger teams have been missing key players but it is just so nice to see different teams thrown into the mix for the title race. Throughout the season there are some players that have really caught my eye though and I think they have had some great performances and have had a big impact on their teams results. Granted I haven't been able to watch as many of the teams as I would have liked to at this stage of the season, thanks Sky & BBC for showing the same teams over and over so there will be a few players missing from this list but here are my favourites players from the FAWSL based on the games and teams I have managed to watch... 

Millie Bright

If I remember correctly Millie Bright has made it onto quite a few of these lists but honestly I believe that just goes to show how good she really is. She is still a no nonsense player who isn't afraid to put in a challenge and she is a solid part of Chelsea's defensive line up. We all know she is more than capable of getting a goal at the other end too whether it is with her head or a fantastic shot. 

Alex Greenwood 

I have been really impressed with Greenwood in a central defensive role and I think once she has a permanent centre back alongside her, hopefully Houghton when she returns fully from injury, we are really going to see a strong central defence at Man City once more. Greenwood seems to have settled into the role really well and has put in some great challenges to stop plenty more goals going in against Man City. Granted I am missing seeing her running down the wing and pushing the opposition whilst creating some chances for the club but honestly I think she looks at home in the role and just gives Taylor options for when the squad is back to full fitness, she can either continue central or move back to being a left back. 

Ella Toone

Toone is one of those players I really enjoy watching and to say she is still so young I think it is safe to say if he manages to stay major injury free she is going to become an integral part of not only Man Utd's squad but also Englands in the future. It is also great to see how much of a fan base she has already has at such a young age, I think as she progresses in her career she is really going to end up becoming a household name. So far this season it has been great to watch Toone really find her feet at the club and put in some brilliant performances. 

Mary Earps 

For me Earps has always been a very underrated and overlooked goalkeeper. She is finally starting to get her recognition though and that is thanks to some fantastic performances she has put in for Man Utd this season but at the same time some games she has barely even had to touch the ball. I think Earps is really progressing as a player and is beginning to stand out with her performances. I just hope she continues this season like she has played so far because I would love to see her as England's number 1 for the Euros. 

Vivianne Miedema 

How can you not be impressed by Miedema? She really is one of the greatest players around at the moment and I really enjoy watching her play. She has really become an integral part of Arsenal's team and I am really hoping she sticks around the FAWSL a little longer as she can really help Arsenal get back to winning trophies I believe. Not only is she great in front of goal but she can also create plenty of attacks for others and can get the team into some really dangerous positions. 

Jess Park 

Jess Park is having an absolutely fantastic season for Man City and every time she is on that pitch for me she is showing us just what we should be looking forward to as her career progresses. I think from what we have seen from her so far this season we should definitely be excited for what is to come from her as I think at only 20 years old she is in for a great career where she could become an integral part of any club she plays for. She has got people talking about her quality and abilities so fingers crossed she can continue to build on this and stay major injury free so her game time grows along with her quality on and off the ball. 

It is safe t say I haven't been able to watch as much of the FAWSL as I would have liked so far with other commitments and the TV games seemingly only focusing on specific teams more than others however, we finally have a good internet connection at home meaning I can finally watch the games on the FA Player which I haven't been able to before. So who knows by the end of the season this list could have changed massively as I get to watch more teams than previous. For now though these players are definitely firm favourites of mine and I am enjoying watching the games they play in. 

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