Our Nice Little Scarf Collection

Growing up I loved picking up a scarf when I went to a football match especially those memorable ones such as testimonials or cup matches. Thanks to all these purchases I have definitely started quite a good little collection of scarves and the ones in this post aren't even the full collection as I know that I have a lot more round at my parents. I know that half and half scarves annoy a lot of the football community however, growing up I loved them as they were just a souvenir to keep to remember those matches I went to so I have quite a lot of these in my collection. So here are the scarves I currently have in my collection at my house...

Everywhere we go 
This is one of my favourite Bradford Scarves as it has the Everywhere we go all the way across it. There is nothing better than being in Valley Parade and hearing all the fans chanting this so as soon as I saw this scarf I knew I had to buy it. 

Bradford City vs Liverpool
The first half and half scarf in this post and possibly one of my favourites as it was purchased with money going to a great cause. When I saw these on sale with money being donated to the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation I knew I was definitely buying it as Darby is one of my favourite all time players and what he is doing to help raise awareness is fantastic. 

Bradford City vs Rangers 
This is easily the oldest scarf in my collection as it was a scarf made for Stuart McCall's testimonial game. I was only 7 or 8 years old when this game happened and it is still one I remember to this day, it is even one of the reasons why I ended up taking an interest in Rangers. This scarf is the perfect reminder of that day along with the other memorabilia I have from it. 

Bradford City vs Reading
When City went on their run in the FA Cup I managed to get to a few games as did my family so I managed to get myself a scarf from the game in the 6th round against Reading. Unfortunately this was the round when we went out but it was a great run we had an having the scarf as a memory is fantastic. 

Bradford City league cup final 2013
Unfortunately I didn't get to the League Cup final back in 2013 but my Auntie and Uncle did and they were kind enough to bring me a scarf back which is brilliant. The cup run we had that year was brilliant and again to have a scarf to remember that run is great. I just wish I could say I was at that game. 

Bradford City coloured scarf
Of course I have to have just a claret and amber scarf which is great as this is actually the one I use for the majority of games I attend as it is a decent thickness for those cold West Yorkshire night games. Plus it is nice and simple compared to the other scarves I own. 

Bradford City vs Millwall playoff final
I finally got my first trip to Wembley when I went to see City take on Millwall in the playoff final which we ultimately lost  however, I picked up a scarf to remember the occasion, not just us getting to the final but me also going to Wembley for the first time which was long over due as I had been wanting to go for years. 

Forza City 
My most recent scarf this this brilliant Forza City one from Scarfolk over on Instagram. I absolutely love the bold Forza City on this scarf along with the retro badge, it is just totally different to the others I own and I think this could end up hung on a wall somewhere. 

Bradford City Minions
This was a random purchase when I was on my way into a game one Saturday, I think this was just a purchase as the Minions looked quite funny and it was cold that day and I forgot my scarf. 

Bradford City Frozen
Another random purchase was this Frozen one. Again this is just because I am a huge Disney fan and I actually quite like the Frozen franchise so I had to buy it just for the laugh, it does keep you surprisingly warm though. 

Ruud van Nistelrooy 

This is a special scarf for me as it is the scarf I got when I went to my first Manchester United game with my grandad. The whole day was great and I got to see some of the big names in action for the first time. I just remember being outside the stadium taking far too long to decide which scarf I wanted as I wanted a player one but there were so many I loved, in the end I went for the Ruud van Nistelrooy one as he was one of my favourites at the time and to be honest he is still one of my favourite Manchester United players. 

Manchester United vs Juventus

I honestly don't know if this came from a friendly or a testimonial game but I managed to go see Manchester United vs Juventus so I had to get a scarf to commemorate the occasion. I have always followed Manchester United and honestly never thought I would see them take on Juventus when some of my childhood heroes were at the club so it is still crazy to me that I got there even if it was just for a testimonial or friendly. 

Manchester United vs Inter Milan 

I also went to see Manchester United take on Inter Milan in a friendly I believe back in 2007. This was the second Manchester United game I had been to at Old Trafford and it was one of my first times seeing them play a foreign team so I had to mark the occasion with a scarf and I ended up with a half and half scarf once again so I could remember that day. I have always enjoyed Italian football so to see them against Inter Milan back in the day was fantastic. 

England Lionesses vs Sweden

For so long I had wanted to go see the Lionesses and I managed to do so when they took on Sweden back in 2018. Up until then games just seemed to fall on dates I couldn't attend or they were too far away so when they were in Yorkshire I treated the family to tickets and finally got to see some of my favourite players in action that wasn't just at club level. I am glad it was against Sweden too as they are such a great team in the women's game.

So there you go that is the current collection of scarves I have at my house, I definitely need to go searching at my parents to see which are missing as I have some great mementos from some fantastic football games that I have been to over the years. I am sure I am going to be buying plenty more in the future. What is your favourite football scarf you own? 

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