In Conversation With Brighouse Town Women's Rebecca Alderson

Following on from our chat with Matthew Kermode from Bradford City Women, we have been lucky enough to ask Rebecca Alderson some questions about her role at another Yorkshire club Brighouse Town Women. Rebecca is someone I have chatted to plenty of times on social media however, I didn't realise just what her role at the club was. So here is how our conversation went.

EOTA : Tell us about yourself?  What team (s) do you support from leagues around the world in both the men's & women's game?
Rebecca : I'm currently the women's secretary for Brighouse Town Women. When not at the football you would find me either walking with my little Westie or more likely at work working in Pharmacy which has been the most rewarding time over the last few months. They have been tough but we have got through it, and hopefully it will continue to get better. Last year I won the West Riding Volunteer of the year award for my time helping Brighouse. I am a FA level one coach, along with helping on the committee of the West Riding Girls League.

My team in women's football has to be Brighouse Town and in the men's game Liverpool. Being a fan of both teams can be tough at times. 

EOTA: What got you into football (either playing or supporting)?
Rebecca : To be honest living up North as a kid. We all kicked a ball around on the streets. Jumpers as goal posts and sometimes a bottle as a ball. I have always been interested in the game.

EOTA : Who is one player you would love to see play for your teams (male or female)?
Rebecca : Honestly I would love to see Jill Scott in a Brighouse shirt as both on and off the pitch she seems to be a top class player. What she has done at Man City & England is great and I feel that she is possibly a little underrated.

EOTA : What is your earliest memory from the beautiful game?
Rebecca : I've played football for as long as I can remember to be honest. I remember our house as a young girl had a huge garden and we made it into a 5 a side pitch, so always has a ball at my feet. My brother is a few years older than me so always used to kick a ball around with him and his mates, I'm sure he didn't want too really.
My earliest memory is when my dad took me to the Middlesborough vs Sunderland game, a game that ended in riots, never forget that game. Playing wise, my earliest memory is playing for the school 'boys' team in goal for them because their 'keeper was injured and we won the game and the boys didn't want their 'keeper back.

EOTA: What’s one of the best experiences you have had from the game? 
Rebecca : Best watching experience has to be Champions League night at Anfield, watching Mo Salah scoring a penalty at the Kop end.
More locally my best experience would be FA Cup games for Brighouse. 2017 vs Everton, 2018 vs Sunderland and then more recently Liverpool Fed's in 2019. The first two results didn't go our way, but the atmosphere in both was amazing. The coach on the way back from Sunderland was fantastic and something I'll remember for a long time. Feds away this season was a great game, great football and even better for me was that my nephew chose not to play for his team so he could come and watch.

EOTA : Where are you hoping to see your club (s) in 5 years time?
Rebecca : Tier 3 would be amazing and excelling in there too. I think WSL & WC would be a step too big I think, but never say never 5 years is a long time after all.

EOTA : Other than the team you support, who are your favourite teams to watch & why?
Rebecca : Within our league it would be Liverpool Fed's. They play some great football and have some quality players. When Fran Alonso was their manager they were one of the best footballing teams within our league, but have kept that momentum now he's moved on.

EOTA : What do you think of your season just gone? 
Rebecca : Obviously Covid-19 stopped the season early and that was absolutely the right decision. A massive credit to the FAWNL management committee for their decision making throughout that time.
On the pitch we didn't do too bad, I think we finished unbeaten in the league and got to the semi final of the County Cup. We had some awful conditions with storms etc causing fixture nightmares but overall I think we recruited well and brought some great players in. Hopefully we will retain them and see where this season takes us.

EOTA : Who would be in your women's team of the year?
Rebecca : I'm going to do my ultimate Brighouse team as I don't follow much WSL/WC football. I'll upset someone or will have missed someone I am sure but here it goes:
Steph Jones, Kay Bamforth, Cara Mahoney, Emma Dobson, Becky Gompertz, Emma Pilling, Lauren Doyle, Annabelle Cass, Chloe Wild, Charlotte Proud & Jodie Redgrave.
Subs : Carrie Simpson, Hannah Poulter, Aimi Beresford, Abi Housecroft & Hannah Friebach.
I could put everyone on the bench but I'll stick with these.

EOTA : Where do you see the women's league going and progressing after this disruption due to the coronavirus?
Rebecca : I think for all sports and leagues in grassroots leagues we just have to wait until it's safe to get going again and then enjoy it.
It's been tough, football is a massive part of these players life, training 2/3 times a week then playing on a Sunday & possibly midweek it soon adds up.
We just have to be positive and allow the government to make the rules and we enjoy it. There has been some negative press around sexism etc, but let's forget about that and enjoy the lovely game that is football.
The league have done everything they can to support us, so hopefully leagues will come back stronger.

EOTA : What does your role at the club involve?
Rebecca : Honestly if I was to write a job description it would change every week, but as a whole it's making sure that the players have everything they need to play and are safe to play. I ensure team know where they are coming and make sure that everyone is ready to kick off at 2pm on a Sunday.
On a match day I make sure players have the correct kit (away days we have the kit on the coach/ in the car), it's clean and they have everything ready for them to be able to play football... they are not demanding so all is good. Then making sure the players are all registered to play. 
I wouldn't be able to do it without my little helpers though, we all pull together to get everything sorted.

EOTA : What made you get involved in the club?
Rebecca : I started coaching and helping on the gate on a match day. We used to pay someone to be on the gate, but when I was there anyway so offered to help out on the gate. That then quickly escalated to be in the position that I am in now. Then I think it just goes from there, if something needs doing and I can do it then I do.

EOTA : What's the best parts of the role?
Rebecca : Seeing the end result. When the whistle blows at 2pm I can relax (sometimes) and enjoy watching the game. That whole family feeling and I'll be honest Brighouse Women have probably saved me. They are my why and that sounds really sad but my involvement in football keeps me on track and keeps me going. Brighouse & the players,staff and other volunteers play a massive part of that.

EOTA : What's one of your least fave parts of the role? 
Rebecca : Closed season. No games is nice for a couple of weeks rest but then I just need football back.

EOTA : Is there anything you would say to anyone wanting to join a team’s committee? 
Rebecca : Do it, it's hard work but massively rewarding. If you have the time to spare then many hands make light work.

EOTA : Any words for anyone wanting to get involved in the women's game besides playing?
Rebecca : The women's game is growing and it needs you. Spend local, watch local and enjoy the game.

EOTA : Where can we find you guys (i.e social media channels)
Rebecca : Twitter & Instagram : beckyalderson3 & btafcwomen.

So there you have it, some excellent points there from Becky. It is great to hear about her experiences of the game and what life is like down at Brighouse Town Women.

Who would you like to see me chat to next? If you want to get involved with this new little series feel free to email us at

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