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Photo : John Bilcliff

If you have read the blog for a while now you will know I am a sucker for a good football shirt, so when Since 71 let me know about the shirt they released of course I had to take a look for myself. I aren't usually a fan of white shirts but I love how this one has been designed as it looks nice and simple and thanks to the club badge being the only bit of colour on the shirt it really does draw attention to the heart of the club rather than sponsorship or kit manufacturer. 

This shirt is in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Southampton Women's Football Club's victory in the inaugural Women's FA Cup back in 1971.  For the celebration Since 71 have teamed up with the club and the fantastic Kit & Bone to launch a limited edition football shirt which includes the clubs newly designed crest. Since 71 have been a great source for women's football for years now and I think what they have done with this shirt is absolutely brilliant especially with the inspiration of the sites name coming from that ban on women's football being lifted back in 1971. 

Photo : John Bilcliff

Back in the inaugrual Women's FA Cup in 1970-71 seventy one teams set out to compete and on the 9th May 1971 Southampton Women came away 4-1 winners of the competition. I just think it is very fitting that Since 71 have taken part in this project with the 71 being prominent on shirt just as a little bit of a reminder to everyone of the year that the ban was lifted and the FA Cup was first won. 

The club itself were happy to be heavily involved in the project as they wanted to celebrate the first Women's FA Cup final and also share the proud history of the club. Plus what I love the most is that any profits from the sales are going to be used to invest back into helping females play football within the Hampshire, something that every area needs investment in and fingers crossed they can do some great work with the profits as I am sure it will be beneficial to many clubs and help get more females involved in the beautiful game. 

Photo : Dave Bodymore

The club actually wore the shirt during their National League game vs AFC Bournemouth and it looks absolutely fantastic and really does showcase that newly designed crest and has it catching your eye as all other details are worked into the white shirt well, it definitely gives off a retro vibe and it is something I wish more clubs would try. They actually wore this shirt for this particular game though as it was the same day as the postponed 2020/21 final between Arsenal and Chelsea which was actually the 50th final in the competition which goes to show how the game has come a long way since the ban was lifted but there is definitely a long way to go. 

I have followed Kit & Bone on Twitter since before this blog even got up and running so to see them get involve in the project and helping out the women's game is absolutely brilliant and to me just goes to show more and more companies want to take part in helping the women's game develop whilst also telling a story. Kit & Bone have done great with this shirt and I am excited to see what future projects for the women's game they take on in the future as they have never disappointed me. 

I know I will be adding this to my shirt collection as not only is it a brilliant shirt but with the profits going to such a good cause this is a shirt too good to miss out on. If you want to pick up the shirt for yourself you can get it from and don't forget to use discount code DAVIES9 when ordering. 

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Let me know if you want a full review of the shirt when I receive mine. 

Photo : John Bilcliff

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