She Believes Cup Predictions

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The 2020 She Believes Cup kicks off tonight with newcomers Spain taking on Japan before England take on the USA in the early hours of tomorrow morning. England are going into the competition as last year's winners where as Spain are bringing a whole new challenge to the competition. So here is a bit of a breakdown of the teams:

England won the competition last year and who knows maybe Dawn Scott's addition to the backroom staff may work in England's favour, as after all she was an integral part to the USWNT's back to back World Cup wins. The Lionesses are without Lucy Bronze for this tournament so this could really be a chance for others to shine in that right back (or midfield, who knows with Phil Neville) position, I have my fingers crossed that Rachel Daly really gets to show her worth in a starting line up as a right back as she can very easily play in defence or upfront. I just hope he doesn't try experiment too much and ruin the tournament for some players (those who are way too out of their depth in a right back position) as some just aren't made to be defenders and it could end up making the team look a laughing stock. Plus it is time we started getting that ranking back up and the team are back where they should be. It is a chance to show what we are made of after last year's World Cup and how we will be back fighting showing what we are made of. 

Spain have been one of those teams in recent years you can easily write them out of a game but they will happily prove you wrong. We saw that when they kept pushing the USWNT and only lost out due to two unfortunate penalties. They have a great roster of players but a stand out to watch is definitely Jennifer Hermoso she is an absolutely brilliant stand out player and can score some fantastic goals just like she did against the USWNT in the World Cup. I am glad to see them taking part in this years She Believes tournament as they can definitely create a new challenge for the other teams taking part and it can also help boost their profile a bit more.

I don't know what it is with Japan lately but they just don't seem to be impressing as much as they have in previous years. Yes they made it to the round of 16 in last years World Cup but their performances were nothing spectacular as apposed to previous years where they made the finals. Even in last years She Believes Cup they didn't really stand out for me especially in the game against England where they fell to a 3-0 defeat. Maybe though this year they will be a bit of a comeback for them though as these players will be fighting to represent their country in the 2020 Olympics, which is being held in Japan, you wouldn't want to lose your opportunity to represent the home nation surely.

The USA are already showing what they can do without Alex Morgan and it really has become Christen Press who is stealing the show. Vlatko already seems to be showing a lot of faith in Christen and I think she could definitely be a stand out in this tournament. The team are linking up well and Vlakto is carrying out some pretty interesting experiments with his starting line up which seem to be really working in his favour. with the depth of the squad he has and the talent all those players hold everyone is giving 100% as they want to show what they are made of in the run up to the Olympics.

Here is how I think the She Believes Cup will go...
I think the USWNT will win, as their squad at the moment just has so much depth and talent even without Alex Morgan their attacking threat is sky high. Plus they seem to have connected well with Vlatko already. I think England will be 2nd in the competition as long as the correct & strongest team is picked on the day, no more silly player experiments and just get showing what we are capable of. It is a hard choice for who I think may come in 3rd but I am going to put it out there as I really do believe Spain are more than capable of getting results behind them and putting up a fight, just look at what they did in the World Cup against the USWNT last year. Then I think Japan will end up coming 4th, I just don't think in recent years they have been as good as you would expect from them, teams have really caught them up.

Some games are going to be on far too late for me with me having work the next day but thanks to the BBC I will be able to record these games and watch them the next day, so I won't be missing out. 
Will you be watching the She Believes Cup?

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